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Vienna Coffee Photo Dump

Vienna Coffee Photo Dump

October has blessed me with a visit to Austria. It was exactly what I needed. A good dose of my beloved coffee city Vienna, seeing friends, strolling around day and night, discovering new places, and enjoying a couple of visits to the one and only famous film festival Viennale. Followed by a few relaxing days with my family in Upper Austria made the trip extra magical. In short, a week in Austria does wonders for me and makes me overall extra happy.

Let me share a few impressions with you of what happened on the coffee side of things whilst in Austria. In all honesty, I have not snipped all my coffee adventures, but a few made it to my camera roll. After all, this would not be a coffee blog if there were no café recommendations for you – am I right?

Café Ludwig

I have been wanting to visit this café for a while now, yet never really found myself near the area somehow! Though October 2021 made it happen. It was a fairly quiet Saturday afternoon. Just before another Viennale screening, we paid Café Ludwig in the fourth district of Vienna visit. Their dog named Mathilda was there too, you may spot her on one of the pics below. 😉

We both went for an Aeropress on this day and the coffee was absolutely delicious – very smooth and almost a bit nutty with a golden touch. The place is very modern from the inside. I found it a bit like sitting in a museum café as they had a variety of paintings in the café and a very distinct choice of color and lights. It was a very cozy setting and ideal to escape for a few moments as it felt quite intimate too given it was definitely more early in the day when we stopped by.

Additionally, I feel like I should mention Café Ludwig might be the spot you want to head to straight after some lunch or shopping at the famous Viennese Naschmarkt. It is just a stone’s throw away from that location and the café has a terrace with a bunch of colorful chairs out and the most gorgeous view. You will see in a second, but the view on an old Viennese Palais kept well in shape is just priceless – especially when the sun is out.

Café Balthasar

I have written about Café Balthasar a while back and have visited this place multiple times over the years. Even though the interior has changed slightly since they opened, I must say, the moment when entering the café is stunning every time. The café is quite spacious and you have a diverse section of both drinks and treats. I will forever love their V60 pour-overs, they are very smooth and rich in taste.

Café Balthasar is located in the second district of Vienna. Just a few minutes away from the water, which makes it a good spot to stop by when you want to have a bit of a breezy walk after. Also, you have the famous Viennese Prater, the Urania cinema, Strandbar Herrmann, and a bunch of interesting yet trendy restaurants very easily in reach from the café. Their distinctive color is blue, the staff is so nice and generous and the coffee makes you come back, trust me.

Alrighty, I think I am done PRing coffee places in my beloved Vienna now! We stopped by at Fenstercafé also, Café Hildebrandt and Salonplafond during our trip. All of these places are spots I have featured up here on my coffee blog – so if that does not say everything, then I guess, only word of mouth does it!

Happy Halloween everybody and see you soon. x

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