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I am all for embracing the holiday season. Winter is my favorite season, even though it tends to be a bittersweet one sometimes. Of course, who endorses a pitch-black afternoon starting at 4 or even earlier? The cold is something that depends on your daily attitude, I feel like, whether you want to accept it or not. I personally find it much easier, and kinda nice having freezing temperatures outside, when there is snow. Yes! I am blessed to live somewhere, where we had the first bit of snow already very recently and I was just over the moon.

Another fact I love about the wintery season and being outside, mostly in the cold, is, when you know, you have got a cozy and warm spot to come back to. I love making the home space extra comfortable and nice and hell, I am a fan of fairy lights too. Give me a warm beverage, some nice lights, and fresh air, and I am all for the wintery season. 😉


Every festive season comes with its own and unique festivities. I love how it is yet a little bit different in every country. For me, every festive season needs at least one, if not more, of these gorgeous dark red plants, that only come around when it is time – let’s say hi to le WEIHNACHTSSTERNE! Do you love’em as much as I do?

This year, I managed to get a couple of these nice seasonal plants in the mid of November. The best part is, now I get to enjoy them a lot longer – fingers crossed they stay as shiny and adrett as they are! <3

I trust after looking through these pictures, your mindset should feel all the more festive already! Whether you are celebrating Xmas or not, I hope some snow will pay a visit. 😉 Wish you the best and most of all most enjoyable time! Hug your family, go ice skating, bake some cookies, light up your home with some fairy lights! I personally am already counting down the days, when I can say—

Cheers, it’s December! Let’s put on The Holiday!

— aka my all-time favorite festive movie.

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