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February 2022

February 2022

Hello my coffee mates,

How are things? Thought I’d check in! While this is the first post up here this year, I am choosing not to start with the catch phrase happy new- …. (you’ll get it), and wishing you a happy February instead! Hope you all have had a kind start into 2022 and feel like truly yourselves.

So what has happened this year so far? I recently celebrated my birthday and quite a few loved ones have their birthdays in February too, hence a slightly big reason why I will always treasure this short month. Some great food, excursions, cake cake cake and good company lately have made my recent weekends.

Other than that, mainly work and making it through January, which I always find to be one of the loongest and just grey months – so that period included a lot of TV time, attempting to get back into a proper rhythm of reading this year & loads and loads of yoga.

However, February just always feels like so much more fun! The festivities and glitter period around Xmas and New Years has well passed, and somehow a fresh, and more energetic page opens up- love letter to February, or something like that .. not sure what I am trying to say here.

Anyhow, my current favourite coffee is the blend by Drop Coffee Roasters in Sweden. With a new coffee grinder – hi Comandante – and a kettle in toe, this year’s coffee brews have been a delight, both to enjoy and to serve so far. Also, patiently waiting for 2kgs of coffee beans I ordered from the British brand Rosslyn. Fingers crossed, the order makes it through customs this time safely and rather fast. Let me tell you, Rosslyn coffee is probably the type of coffee I would easily be up for solely having it for the rest of this year. Wanna bet? Someone wanna send me another few packs from there? Pretty please! 😀

Here’s a few impressions from my life lately- have a lovely (SUPERBOWL ?) Sunday night & we’ll speak when we speak. xx

Thanks for stopping by and reading my February crush words.

Just curious, what’s your favourite movie been in February ?

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