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We blinked, and September was here.

We blinked, and September was here.

Wasn’t it? The apple trees in my neighborhood are thriving, I am already wearing ankle boots and a trench coat and not even joking when I say I have already started putting on sweaters a handful of times. Surely I got out the warmer duvet and thought about cinnamon-y recipes more than once. HA.

New season excitement, crispy air, and fluffy socks aside- what have I been up to? When I reflect on the last few months, I feel like I have done nothing yet everything at the same time. If I had to pick a favorite, then probably the bit that I really enjoy being able to go and see bands perform live again. I missed live music so much and with about a couple of years of having to choose Spotify or it rather being THE go-to only when it comes to listening to music, it’s been such a delight to go somewhere and see artists perform on stage in natura! See them talking to crowds, sharing their stories and thoughts whilst everyone’s singing and jamming along – for better or for worse 😉 – is a great thing to be part of. YAS, I did a whole lot of that recently.

I also moved! My partner and I got the keys to our very own home earlier this year and we had – despite it being a bit chaotic and just overall a lot of work – a lot of fun tackling DIY projects, painting, putting up frames and as expected, not so much luck with house plants or balcony plants for that matter. Let’s say, they last for a bit during a season and then say good night for a very long time!

Coffee advent calendar, just under 80 days away

I am trying to think about what I can update you on coffee-wise. If I am being honest, there’s not all that much I have done differently over the summer, apart from enjoying a good iced filter coffee here and there. I feel like, for quite some time, I found a type or taste of coffee I enjoy, and then I just make that very one every day, like twice. Yes, the coffee will always taste better when freshly ground. Yes, I am still a fan of fruity yet distinctive and smooth flavors and try to switch up the beans every so often. Weekend coffee cravings tend to be more on the smoother and bloomy side at the moment. They go great with waffles too!

Here are a few things I did recently or find to be worth mentioning on the coffee subject matter

  • Watch the latest James Hoffmann video on his channel on the story behind restoring the oldest espresso machine and how a modern coffee shop in London celebrates it
  • Try the coffee flavor Nectarine
  • Take good care of your kettle and cleanse it every now and then (all you need is vinegar and water) 

To round it up after saying hi, I want to say, that now is the time to think about a coffee advent calendar for the holidays. This thought crossed my mind twice this week in mid-September and I want to get you excited about it to. Trust me, it’s the best thing and totally worth it, especially when you’re on the lookout for a new particular type of coffee and curious about different flavors.

Have a good one, coffee mates! Enjoyed saying hi. Go on and keep rocking your week!

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