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A writing space dedicated to coffee stories & people.

It´s Cammy here – founder and main writer behind this digital coffee space. My passion for exploring and writing made me launch this coffeeblog back in 2016. Now, a good few years later, I am proud to present you the best of my coffeespot discoveries around places including Vienna, London, New York, Tulum, Dublin, Munich, Marrakech, Tel Aviv, Salzburg, Zurich and many more.

Up here, I am regularly introducing inspiring places, people and projects of the ever-growing, multicultural and fascinating coffee industry. Cammycoffeespots aims to explore the international coffee house landscape by providing insights and telling stories about enthusiastic coffee entrepreneurs and at the same time aims to inform and raise curiosity amongst travellers, tourists and fellow coffee lovers about the coffee scene in various countries.

I am a true admirer of this ever-growing coffee world out there and super keen on getting to know such inspiring personalities like you! Let´s discover some wonderful coffee houses together and get to know the people who serve our daily filters or flat whites each day from morning to evening.

At least two cups a day, mainly filter and sometimes a good flat white or cappuccino are the beverages which brighten up my days. It´s a true pleasure having you here and I hope you enjoy this coffee journey up here as much as I do!