Holiday Feeling a la Coffeetunes #13

Coffee mates, I am back! Back to regular writing and most importantly, back to continiously sharing this exciting coffee journey with you! Honestly, I am feeling soo happy and delighted right now. It is actually snowing outside as well. Almost cheesy. What can I say…I am just a winter person and this time around the year until probably the end of February is indeed one of my most favorite ones of the year. Besides the fact that we hardly have daylight (well, no offense to the Scandinavian countries, but having a midnight feeling at already 4pm-ish each day is enough for me..) .. so yeah, besides the dominating darkness, the fog and the slush during winter in the cities, I am totally  a winter person – 110%.  I mean, the shining and glowing lights everywhere, the xmas markets (punsch), the freezing and fresh breeze in the air, ideally the snow, the quiet and peacful streets and alleys and the quality time with the beloved ones during the holidays.

What an intro… It´s not even December! But still, due to my surroundings yet the craziness going on in the shops and simply highly exaggerated consumer marketing, you can hardly ignore the fact that the next Xmas is approaching fairly soon.

Anyway, I thought I will do an unusual thing up here and casually drop you a little festive music collection a la festive season. In fact, today and today only. You have no choice 😛

You may want to start with this track… Released ages ago by a top band. The style is so different compared to bands these days which makes it even more appropriate to draw some extra attention to them, I believe. It´s Cheap Trick.  Their song is actually a kind of parody, I shall say, of their original one…just a bit more festive in terms of the lyrics. Unfortunatley I could not find this track anywhere on Spotify. Apparently the streaming platform does not have the rights for this which is a shame, but as there is no shortage in finding tracks elsewhere too, this must do. Enjoy, I am sure you know the original one! 😉

X – Carmen


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Did I stop drinking coffee? – Personal

*A letter:

My dear readers,

The thing with writing is, it just so happens. The thing with writing passionately is, sometimes it just doesn´t work. I may have rejected my coffee page up here a (big) little bit within the previous months and I would like to share with you why.

People started asking me when there will be fresh content coming or whether there will be articles coming. I have to admit, I do feel a bit guilty given the fact that I used to share good coffee stuff quite regularly. And let me tell you, I have always enjoyed it soo so much.

IMG_0951To be honest, every few weeks I was sitting in front of my screen and intended to write an article for you – be it a review about a new spot, a fresh playlist or even an interview about a coffee entrepreneur. Some of you may wonder, has there been a shortage of good coffee places lately? Or, could it be that there are too many out there to get them in order and write lovely recommendations? Or maybe even questioned if I stopped drinking coffee at all?

My dear coffee mates,  it´s none of the three.

I moved to another country. I loved it there. I created a life there. Things went well. But also, things went not so well sometimes. I started missing my old place as in my home country. I came to visit. Still, I had my projects and certain priorities in the country abroad. At the same time, I was longing for so many things back home. I missed them. I missed my people. Then, things paid off and came to the end spurt phase abroad. I had fun. I started traveling again. I came back. Something was still missing. I moved back to my home country. I loved it there. Things went well. But also some not so well. I was sad. I was happy. I started traveling again. And the result of all of this? Precious time to figure out what works for me and what not. Precious time with people back home and abroad. Precious time for myself. And what else? The feeling of chance. I have changed as a person. So did my people. So did both places. Of course, everything changes. The world is in motion. All the time. Safety feelings come and go. Fun times come and go. Worrying times come and go. Thoughts come and go. And before you know it, you find yourself living between two worlds, between two places, within decisions, within thoughts, within worries, within joy and love and tears.

What I have learned: you simply cannot live the same life in two different places (or make them three or five). You think you can, but you just can´t. There will always be some things missing, be it, people, be it a regular place you go to, be it basic things. Every place is unique. Once you start exploring, you start adapting to a certain level. That needs time. Take the time. It is constantly evolving really. Things do you good and perhaps do you good for a lifetime. Things do you good at this very stage in life but not in the long run. Fear sometimes stops you. And that is the hardest part of all. You do something, you start realizing to be capable of doing it, it´s great, it´s tough, it´s great, it´s tough – you did it, and then? The then is uncertain. Which is terrible but so exciting at the same time. And there lies the beauty in it, I guess.

So, what about the coffee question then?
I can assure you to 100% – I certainly did not stop drinking coffee. I am having my regular two cups a day. In the morning and in the afternoon, sometimes it´s three actually. I still have this great passion for exploring new and beloved coffee gems. Actually, there is plenty I put on hold just because I had no inspirational writing minutes on my hands. Furthermore, I even have a great interview coming for you soon. This coffee page is a true gem for me. It allows me to express my passion with a bit of a personal touch ever now and then. I would not give that up. It is to a certain level a part of me. And I hope you can understand why I neglected it a bit in the past time. It just did not feel right to write. And I want to keep it that way, writing out of passion and I can feel it, the time is coming again, slowly but surely. I am excited about that and I am going to end this personal letter with a smile now. And do me a favor, please allow yourself to smile too.

Carmen X

Fun Fact: I quite enjoyed writing sooo many short sentences – probably half of them are starting with AND – just random but structured thoughts collecting really, maybe I should do that more often. AND for now, enjoy your afternoon coffee:)


Paris Chic in Soho – Café Boheme

I feel like introducing you to a very french alike place located right in the heart of Soho in London today. The coffeeplace belongs to the famous Soho House Group from which you may already heard a glimpse of and is called Cafe Boheme. My friend and I visited this place on a weekday – which turned out to be the best idea ever as we made it right on time for the happy hour slot. That was filled with live jazz and an excellent meal deal for Soho (read: 12 pounds in total for any main course and drink on the menu selection).

If I was to describe Cafe Boheme in just a single word (let´s make them two), I would go for Woody Allen. I literally felt like being in one of his arty movies. I put together some wee frequences up here – theese may give you an idea what I mean by referring to Woody Allen while writing this coffeeplace recommendation for you.

Okay, when you start browsing through the pictures below, you see how classy and chic everything is arranged at Cafe Boheme. The colours remind of the late 90s and same goes for the fashionable waiters and waitresses who are very chicy dressed as if they would be acting in one of the aforementioned movies as well. The thing I probably enjoyed the most – besides my lovely company – was the constant live music in the background. Cafe Boheme has this great atmosphere for ‘people watching’ – the food is typical brasserie fare including esgargots (which I did not eat and surely never going to try :)). All in all, you need to go there for the atmosphere! The coffeeplace offers an appealing Parisian boho vibe and the rosé we both enjoyed around 4pm was nothing short than amazing too.


I have got Notes for you!

Life is what can happen between coffee & wine. I personally think, this quote sums it up, at least when we are fully focusing on the sunny and fun side of it. Life is a row of moments we all are creating and sharing. And life is also what happens while we´re busy making other plans. Having a cup or a glass in between might do us good.
That´s what a friend of mine and me did before the lovely summer´s approaching. Honestly, I am so happy summer´s finally here. It just feels like recharging batteries truly. Continue reading “I have got Notes for you!”

The best flat white you can possibly get in England – Interview #2

What would be a Thursday without a wee of a coffee tip? Apparently the weather must be super amazing in England right now, so one further reason for choosing a, let’s say open-air coffee feeling, ha?
I´d like to introduce you to Le Petit Café today which is a little, little coffee gem, literally. Since I´ve been a loyal regular customer for quite a while now –  on a side note, I always go for the flat white which I hardly risk to order in London but this one is exceptional – I thought it was about time to share my secret flat white heaven tip with you. Last week, Bart who runs this coffee business and me had a bit of a chat about coffee and life nowhere else than in Turnham Green which is an area in the western part of London. Indeed there´s stories everywhere and I am excited to share his one with you today. Continue reading “The best flat white you can possibly get in England – Interview #2”

When Italians and Austrians talk about Coffee! – 21 Sid Coffee London – Interview #1

Have you ever wondered what´s going on in a barista´s mind who is busy making coffee behind the counter for dozens of people in their morning rush? What must it be like to prepare the seventieth cup of flat white after hours and hours of standing? Same goes for the non-liquid section, running a bakery for instance. Have you ever given it a thought how must it be like when there is to prepare a range of pastries that need to go out for delivery the next morning? – Must be loads going on. And, there is a woman who does it all! An Italian named Laura who´s been living in London for nearly 10 years now. I got to interview her the other day in her brandnew coffeeshop in London Fields. Today, I am delighted to share our coffee talk with you!

Laura is originally from Sicily. Back in April she´s opened her very own coffeeshop called 21 Sid Coffee, nowhere other than in exciting and multicultural London! It´s open 7 days a week and she serves the most delicious brunch, lunch, afternoon treats and doubtlessly incredible coffee. I had a blast there, spent a good four to five hours or so, I am sure you´ll have one too!

Continue reading “When Italians and Austrians talk about Coffee! – 21 Sid Coffee London – Interview #1”

Marilyn Monroe – Coffee Date in NYC.

Oh wow. It really feels like ages ago I have shared an article with you up here. It´s been a good two months. I took a bit of a break in terms of writing – and then weeks pass by and by, you know – which was a somewhat sense-making and refreshing decision. This little writing pause allowed me not only to come back with a fresh and creative mind including lots of ideas on new content I´d like to share with you in the future, but also did it equally allow me to catch up on so many back office stuff a blog requires, the new EU data protection policy being one of them. All sorted. Clean. And good to tackle off the list really.

With that being said, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this new regulation as my coffeeblog reader and also would like to mention that you can subscribe or change your subscription preferences at any time. Yep, there is a cammycoffeespots newsletter – reading while having coffee just goes so well together, I´m doubtlessly claiming! 😉 Please do get in touch any time.

Plus one lil exciting announcement: A further reason why it has been kind of quiet up here the last weeks, is that I have been working on an exciting new project I am thrilled to share with you very very soon. Two sassy hints, it is coffee-related and involves personal stories. Definitely stay tuned! You may want to keep an extra eye on that section. I promise I am not stealing a huge amount of your patience, be ready for it later next week.

That´s that….okay, shall we raise our cups for the city that never sleeps then?



New York. New York. Or rather Brooklyn, Brooklyn. In the beginning of May I have had the chance to stumble upon a few coffeeshops overseas. It´s not been my very first time in NYC, but it’s been the first time I was actually paying attention to the coffee culture which´s happening in and around this world-city.  You may or may not know, I am currently (and actually almost finished) studying my masters and that overseas trip happened thanks to my university. It was a uni trip basically that involved an intense but interesting industry programme and luckily a little bit of free time. Aka a good few time slots to explore the city including trying many many iced-lattes which seem to be the number one trend in NYC right now. At least that´s how I perceived it while visiting the east coast of the US somewhen in early May this year.

Luckily I had a friend by my side who happens to be a coffee drinker and enjoyer as I am. So, us being a fan of both exploring and coffee resulted in discovering this place called Primrose Café located along the Green Avenue in Brooklyn. Primrose Café is a very laid back and arty place, I think. The staff seems relaxed, the coffee selection is huge and in terms of the interior and furniture it is a nice mix of modern and vintage. Also, the rumours are true, you can get the best bagels in New York!

My friend and I spent our very first morning having breakfast in Brooklyn, the city part we chose to stay during our week here in NYC. With no jet-lag signs at all (a bit of sarcasm), just us being up very early and almost the first customers that morning, we went straight for an iced-latte and some delicious smoked-salmon/cream cheese bagels including scrambled eggs. That was the best way to start not only into the day but also into the whole week of exploring. We have indeed managed to walk a distance of 14km on average a day..that times 7 as it was a whole week, proud, proud.

Besides the nice and quite stoked barista counter, the terrace and of course the framed Marilyn Monroe picture were my favourite part about this coffeeshop. I do appreciate it a lot, especially in busy cities, when you get to enjoy a bit of coffee time in a quiet outdoor space. The terrace was beautifully arranged. There´re fairy lights, old-fashioned chairs and oh my, I think at least five dogs were enjoying the bit of sunshine there as well! It´s nice to reward yourself with a couple of city-break hours in the sun that include  iced-coffee. If I had to describe Primrose Café with just three words, I´d go for family-friendly, bagel-heaven and arty. Definitely would come here again. Come here for the atmosphere and reward yourself with a couple of city break hours.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and catch up very very soon.
x Carmen