Marilyn Monroe – Coffee Date in NYC.

Oh wow. It really feels like ages ago I have shared an article with you up here. It´s been a good two months. I took a bit of a break in terms of writing – and then weeks pass by and by, you know – which was a somewhat sense-making and refreshing decision. This little writing pause allowed me not only to come back with a fresh and creative mind including lots of ideas on new content I´d like to share with you in the future, but also did it equally allow me to catch up on so many back office stuff a blog requires, the new EU data protection policy being one of them. All sorted. Clean. And good to tackle off the list really.

With that being said, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this new regulation as my coffeeblog reader and also would like to mention that you can subscribe or change your subscription preferences at any time. Yep, there is a cammycoffeespots newsletter – reading while having coffee just goes so well together, I´m doubtlessly claiming! 😉 Please do get in touch any time.

Plus one lil exciting announcement: A further reason why it has been kind of quiet up here the last weeks, is that I have been working on an exciting new project I am thrilled to share with you very very soon. Two sassy hints, it is coffee-related and involves personal stories. Definitely stay tuned! You may want to keep an extra eye on that section. I promise I am not stealing a huge amount of your patience, be ready for it later next week.

That´s that….okay, shall we raise our cups for the city that never sleeps then?



New York. New York. Or rather Brooklyn, Brooklyn. In the beginning of May I have had the chance to stumble upon a few coffeeshops overseas. It´s not been my very first time in NYC, but it’s been the first time I was actually paying attention to the coffee culture which´s happening in and around this world-city.  You may or may not know, I am currently (and actually almost finished) studying my masters and that overseas trip happened thanks to my university. It was a uni trip basically that involved an intense but interesting industry programme and luckily a little bit of free time. Aka a good few time slots to explore the city including trying many many iced-lattes which seem to be the number one trend in NYC right now. At least that´s how I perceived it while visiting the east coast of the US somewhen in early May this year.

Luckily I had a friend by my side who happens to be a coffee drinker and enjoyer as I am. So, us being a fan of both exploring and coffee resulted in discovering this place called Primrose Café located along the Green Avenue in Brooklyn. Primrose Café is a very laid back and arty place, I think. The staff seems relaxed, the coffee selection is huge and in terms of the interior and furniture it is a nice mix of modern and vintage. Also, the rumours are true, you can get the best bagels in New York!

My friend and I spent our very first morning having breakfast in Brooklyn, the city part we chose to stay during our week here in NYC. With no jet-lag signs at all (a bit of sarcasm), just us being up very early and almost the first customers that morning, we went straight for an iced-latte and some delicious smoked-salmon/cream cheese bagels including scrambled eggs. That was the best way to start not only into the day but also into the whole week of exploring. We have indeed managed to walk a distance of 14km on average a day..that times 7 as it was a whole week, proud, proud.

Besides the nice and quite stoked barista counter, the terrace and of course the framed Marilyn Monroe picture were my favourite part about this coffeeshop. I do appreciate it a lot, especially in busy cities, when you get to enjoy a bit of coffee time in a quiet outdoor space. The terrace was beautifully arranged. There´re fairy lights, old-fashioned chairs and oh my, I think at least five dogs were enjoying the bit of sunshine there as well! It´s nice to reward yourself with a couple of city-break hours in the sun that include  iced-coffee. If I had to describe Primrose Café with just three words, I´d go for family-friendly, bagel-heaven and arty. Definitely would come here again. Come here for the atmosphere and reward yourself with a couple of city break hours.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and catch up very very soon.
x Carmen


Happy St. Patrick´s Day!

For some delightful reason, I happened to be in a certain area in the western part of London quite a bit. That´s certainly good news. Becaaaause – you know why, but still – exploring new areas usually comes hand in hand with discovering new things, new put it simply, just fresh stuff. And there it is: as a result of decent exploring, I am happily sharing a brand new coffee place with you right here. 🙂

The coffee place is called Wild Bunch and is located in Chiswick. Let me tell you, when you exit the tube or train station there, you would not believe that you are still very close to London. Why? Just because it looks so much more like a little hidden (but well infra structured) village in terms of everything really. The streets, the squares, the shops, the cafés and so on. Fairly nice. I love city life but in my heart I will always be drawn to smaller, greener and just more familiar alike areas which provide a sense of community feeling. Maybe because I grew up in a small town and always appreciate coming back to / living in a place which provides the very best balance between city and countryside ever since. Hence I experienced strolling around Chiswick quite positively. Not to mention that the flat white at Wild Bunch already convinced me enough. 😉

Living in new places, meeting new people, I love it all. I kind of pride myself on having the constant curiosity and somehow confidence to be open to adventures. It makes you learn so much about yourself and I could not be more grateful for the incredible experiences I have had recently and in the past. Never ever make the mistake to hold yourself back because you think things are supposed to be like ‘XY’ right now. Just trust your instincts and be there for your people in the best possible way. Actions have consequences and someday or even sooner, you feel them…but I do mean this in a positive way right now. Just enjoy your path and live in the moment rather than constantly focus on the next move. Wise wise coffee words…or so. 😉 

Anyhow, at the Wild Bunch you can get plenty of good stuff. For instance, such good bagels, soup, fresh juices, breakfast in general, turmeric shots, ginger shots (of which I am suuuuch a big fan atm) and very yummy treats including vegan raw energy balls, chocolate brownies plus much more. The café itself is not one of the biggest but it does offer quite a number of seating options. Even one right in front of the window which offers a great view straight to the town square garden. The staff and the owner of the café are very lovely and helpful. Not to mention attentive and keen on giving you some recommendations when you are indecisive about what to actually order. Besides, the atmosphere is very comfy. You can read, you can work, you can chat or simply listen to the playlist which had me every single time I spent some coffee moments there. 😉 Whenever you are curios about this part of London, make sure to put your foot into this café! I guarantee you´ll like it!

– Have a good weekend coffee mates & also, a great great St. Patrick´s Day!






A glimpse of Miami in London.

Good morning my dearest coffee mates 🙂 This morning I have got a wonderful tip for you which includes both great coffee and decent pancakes. Dedicated to this week´s pancake day which was really a thing here in the UK – as a person who is usually used to eating so-called ‘Faschingskrapfen’ (= an Austrian carnival sweet which includes jam and sugar on top..not healthy at all cough cough) – it was quite refreshing to see people celebrating another tradition on this very day. Just a little background info, pancake day is Shrove Tuesday and as the name says it already, it is all about enjoying this dish with your very best mates.

So, as a little shout out for this year´s pancake day, I am happily introducing you to a coffee gem called Café Miami which is located in the London Borough of Hackney. As someone who is living somewhere in South London, it was a little journey to actually get there really, but believe me it was totally worth it. As soon as I saw the sign they put out on Shrove Tuesday, they had me!IMG_5814IMG_5828IMG_5822IMG_5820The café is very popular for its lovely dishes like waffles and of course, pancakes. We went for the vegan coconut ones which came with berries and coconut flakes. Almost every single dish on the menu sounded sooo tempting, so choosing took a while! Next time I am definitely going for the pancakes with forest fruits or the ones with peanut butter slash nutella maybe. We´ll see. 😉 Okay and enough pancake talk for now! I am almost getting hungry again…

In terms of coffee, you have got quite some options as well! Be it a classic cappuccino, a swift espresso or flat white, the Café Miami team got it covered. On that note, I highly recommend you ordering a mug of filter coffee. If you are having a thing for black coffee too, this one may go great with coconut pancakes!! Have a good rest of the week & a lovely upcoming weekend, mates! Slowly but surely, we are heading into spring. Yes!



Vanilla Black Coffee & Books – London

Happy Tuesday, coffee mates! Ohh isn´t it a lovely day today? At least here in London it´s like 100% sunny. As always!! No kidding, I have enjoyed here way more sunny than rainy days to be honest. It´s just a rumour that London is the equivalent for foggy and uncomfortable weather. Well, anyhow…guess what, I have a little coffee tip for you today! 🙂


I am going to introduce you to a spot in Kennington today. The place is called Vanilla Black Coffee & Books and is one of the cutest spots I´ve ever seen in South London. I went there with my sister the other day and we both enjoyed such a delicious breakfast including avocado toast, pastel de nata, porridge and black coffee. For those who don´t know what I am talking about when mentioning a phrase like pastel de nata…you will get an idea of it in the pictures below. An amazing Portuguese treat you find here in London surprisingly often!

The coffeeplace reminds me of a little cottage which could be in Sylt or somewhere near the Seaside really. It features two huge book shelves and you may find some cute birthday gifts there too. Mary Berry cookbooks, cutlery, coffee grinders, toys and gift cards – just to name a view. It´s a nice activity to do before ordering given the fact that there is mostly a little queue. Which is a good thing by the way, as it speaks for their specialty coffee. And let me tell you, every time I am popping into this place, the music enchants me. I once asked which playlist they are usually going for on Spotify and well, it sometimes happens that I play the very one at home as well, it´s just good and chilled coffee music. Hehe!

All in all, Vanilla Black Coffee & Books is a very cosy and child-friendly place! Usually people bring their dogs as well. I would say it is the perfect brunch place for families and coffee date spot with your besties! Happy exploring!


Here´s to 2017.

Coffee folks!  It´s melange time. Ironically this post was meant to go up way earlier, last year actually, hence the title. Well, now we´ve reached 2018 and it´s still melange time. So, never mind. 😉 And I wish you all the best for this year. May it be full of health, love and laughs! And (a bit of) coffee.

Before I am going to introduce you one of my current top coffeeplaces, I want to share a little personal paragraph regarding 2017 with you. No worries, I´m not willing to write up a whole ‘looking back’ kind of post here. I just want to dedicate a word accompanied by some thoughts to my previous year.

If I had to find a word which suits my 2017 best, it would be ‘wave’. I am truly grateful for certain moments, people and changes the year had brought. Some remained, some kept away. It was a truly interesting year. I´ve also learned a lot, especially about people. Hilly wavy moments no matter about which angle you´re currently thinking of.

IMG_1752Now to the coffee gem.

During the holidays, I had some time to visit my beloved Vienna. Of course I took advantage of that and visited as many of my favourite coffeeplaces as my time allowed me to. One of them was Café Eiles.
It´s no secret at all that Vienna is full of coffee gems. The Café Eiles is definitely one of them. The café is located in the eighth district Josefstadt. I kinda love strolling through the Josefstadt district, I really enjoy the vibes there. It´s a nice combination of culture and coffee. Try it out sometime and you know what I mean. 😉

Maybe you´ve already been to or discovered Café Eiles a wee bit earlier than me. I admit, finding myself in this spot in late August for the first time (considering the fact that I have passed this spot many many many times before) is quite late for a coffee lover as me. Well, don´t they say, good things need a while? Whatsoever.

Though, I find myself mostly in third wave coffee places rather than in traditional ones, I need to make an exception this time. I consider Café Eiles as the hippest traditional café in Vienna. It has a special vibe. The atmosphere is great. I really appreciate the lovely staff. Each and everyone is so kind and attentive. Moreover, the breakfast is nuts. I can dearly recommend you the so-called ‘Shanti Shanti’ breakfast which comes with porridge including fresh fruit, lovely bread and cottage cheese and not to forget a heaven of a melange. Actually, I had that dish twice, one time in late August and one time in mid December – as it was festive season, the melange came with a xmas cookie!

I like the fact how they remain on the traditional Viennese café style including the Thonet chairs and at the same time provide a stage for pop culture media, papers, flyers for the latest exhibitions and events and much more. A lovely café family alike atmosphere all day long. Loads of wordy flowers for this coffeeplace which deserves it so much.


The Golden 20s

As we nearly made it through the week, I thought it would be nice to share a potential weekend coffeespot suggestion with you.
Well, this literally little gem probably has been featured in each and every travel guide regarding Vienna. Believe it or not, it even functioned as a movie location for an American romantic drama back in 1995.

The coffeespot I am talking about is called Kleines Café (Little Café). I definitely consider this café as one of the most amazing and ideal stages for a movie. Could be great a mysterious coffee date scene dialogue a la Woody Allen or an arty throwback scene where people are celebrating their golden 20s. So, where do you find this tiny glimpse of golden 20s? In Vienna. In the first district. Just a stone´s throw away from the famous Haus der Musik (House of Music). Fair enough, it is very well hidden though. There is a super cute old fashioned cleaning chores which you spot at one of the pictures below and a vibrant glasses store next door.

It is such lovely enjoying a, let me call it Fairytale Latte, inside (when you are lucky enough to grab a free seat) or on the terrace right in the middle of the quiet Franziskanerplatz of Vienna. I am sure you will have a blast there!! So for now, I have put together a little photo gallery for you below. Enjoy and I wish you a relaxing and well coffee related upcoming weekend! 🙂  – Carmen


Cupcakes and Shhht.

Almond Latte, I love you!
– I am not a vegan, let me clarify that first. Also not a real milk drinker either. Actually, I cannot even remember the last time I actively bought a bottle of milk. [Facts: usually drink my coffee black, sometimes in the afternoons I´d prefer a cappuccino or flat white.] But yeah, milk is not an ingredient I´d necessarily miss. Concluding, I do enjoy the idea of experimenting a little when it comes to lattes. That´s why I choose to order vegan ones every once in a while and when they are yet delicious as the one I am about to tell you in this post. [Wow what a glamorous introduction, erm.]

img_2767-2.jpgThe very first weeks of living here in the UK, I stumbled upon a pretty cute gem. It is a vegan spot (I kind of mentioned that already, I know) – so probably my aforementioned words about the ‘milk issues’ are meant to smoothly connect you to the spot I am happy to introduce you right here. It is called Cupcakes and Shhht. Located in South East London within a very urban and hip setting and run by the most lovely staff ever! And let´s face it, what a vivid name!


We are nearly approaching the christmassy season, coffee folks. Slowly but surely. Cupcakes and Shhht would be the most perfect spot where you find seasonal delicious bakings and pastry. Every time I enter this café, I am amazed by the amount of sparkly and lovely decorated cupcakes, brownies, cookies and loads more. Each and every piece is charmingly decorated and you can tell that they have a passion for. Just lovely to look at. The café is cosy, almost a little ‘Alice in Wonderland – Disney alike’ setting where you may want to hide during freezing days like right now. It´s not a secret that November days are not so tempting to actually leave the house, the flat, the boat or simply the bed. Wherever you may live. Even though the vegan café is really small and there are hardly any typical seating options, it´s rather benches with cosy pillows and outside tables under heat lamps fyi – you are definitely wanting to kill some time there. Chilled music, nice reading stuff and friendly staff you can chat with.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend, folks and enjoy your fairytale coffees! 🙂
I am literally stuck in front of my laptop and working on assignments….loads work to do right now, but hey, the uni term is almost over and Christmas markets are starting soon!



Oh hello, five o´clock

Long time no see. Literally. My dear coffee mates, I hope you are all doing good and the autumn season did welcome you in a warm and wealthy way. Also, a very warm welcome to all my new-ish (or rather British island related) readers up here. I am pretty excited to share bloody appealing coffee discoveries with you within the next time – soo, make sure to stay tuned. 🙂

Well well well…as you may know, there were quite a few changes in my personal life the past weeks. Exciting ones by the way! Changes require commitment, mostly. Fun fact, in terms of coffee I do not entirely agree with this line! Let´s face it, I am pretty biased when it comes to coffee and it truly is hard to actually beat a coffee culture city like Vienna…but hey, a vibrant and eclectic city like London definitely deserves to be given a chance…there may be some pretty “I cannot resist” places somewhere here..maybe we are getting there sooner than later. Hihi, I want to be honest with you coffeemates: when it comes to ordering lattes, flat whites or even just has been quite an interesting journey so far here in London. I don´t know, but the coffee in my university for example definitely does need a little “teaching”, so does the coffeespot right next to my flat and another and another one…there is room for improvement, that´s all I am willing to say here for now. 😉 Nevertheless I promise to do my best and will continue my passion for coffee heaven places hunts, fyi I was able to add a few to my list already (so do not worry) but I am more than motivated to discover a few (aka a trillion) more for you. Speak soon and all the best – Carmen.



When in Munich

It´s already been weeks since I spent some days in lovely Munich and those obviously were accompanied by a few cups of coffee. As my schedule was pretty, let´s say packed up, I didn´t do a proper coffeeshop research where to go and where not so, though eventually I found a gorgeous one just out of coincidence really. If there is one thing we can rely on in our everyday life, then it is the fact that our days are filled with loads of coincidences – I guess so!! Anyways, because of one nice coincidence I walked up the stairs to the spot called Stereo Café. In fact they recently did a makeover in terms of furniture, decor and stuff so it might look a little different now than on the following photographs of my visit back in July. Just saying.

You find the Stereo Café in the city centre of Munich basically. It is just a 10 minutes walk away from the gorgeous English Garden which is by the way definitely a must when you have some time in the Bavarian city. Well, in any case you start to wonder while entering the place I am introducing you here, don´t turn around just yet, the ground floor is used as a shopping space for like fashion and decor stuff and upstairs there you will hear them tinkling…the coffee cups! So folks, the café is located on the first floor and it is a quite huge and bright space as there is this big window front next to the barista counter. It just looks amazing as it allows you to spot the kind of old fashioned building on the opposite while you are sitting in a really modern corner architecturally. The coffee is lovely, especially the cappuccino. They do have cake and cupcakes and some really appealing salads on the menu too. I didn´t have enough time for trying food, except one bar I purchased earlier, anyways the coffee stop was worth it. And not only because of the stunning view! Go and check this place out sometime, it might be one you are going to remember as it could also be in a vibrant city like New York!