Coffeetunes #3

Besides coffee, good music is one further “ingredient” I probably need on a daily basis. Yes, a new playlist is back! Though this one is a wee bit shorter than the others, it features loads of cool songs I am currently listening to. Can you guess which one of those is my fav on the list? Let´s try and tune in! Have fun & Cheers, Carmen

Coffeetunes #2

Hey there! Right a few days before Xmas and right before the festive day tomorrow, I thought I need to share some tunes I am currently listen to with you again. A little bit of music on a daily basis is just a treat, isn’t it?

Well, to keep it short: new tunes, moody, relaxing, melancholical, rock and fun.

I need to admit that a Xmas song had to be on the playlist as well. I am well aware everybody knows that song – some of you may hate and some may enjoy it. It just felt right to add it to the list anyway, sorry and not sorry 🙂 Keep listening and singing and if you have overheared that specific Xmas song which is totally possible, do not hesitate to keep your ear’s attention to the other ones on the playlist.

Enjoy and have a great upcoming Xmas break with your beloved ones!! As an extra treat, this coffeetunes music selection is slightly longer than the very first one. 🙂

Coffeetunes #1

Hey my dear ones! I trust you´re doing great and enjoying the Friday feeling. Today I thought of writing a post which is about something different. As some of you may know, I am pretty much into music. Well, coffee is a passion that´s a matter of fact but another one is definitely music. So I thought of sharing a playlist with you which goes well while hanging out in one of your fav coffeeshops or while you´re out for a long walk – getting some fresh air, thinking with your earphones in and stuff. 🙂

Without a particular reason I call this playlist Coffeetunes #1 – number one ´cause it´s the first one I publish on this blog obviously. So if you like such different topic posts – just switch the button to music instead of coffee though – please let me know. I am more than happy to share a few more playlists or better coffeetunes with you.

I am the kind of person who really enjoys live music. Going to concerts is such a pleasure and I appreciate those nights sooo much. If I had to choose three types of music genres which I kind of take with me on a lonely island, I´d say pop, rock and indie. That might chance slightly but in general I always prefer songs which belong to that type. For the spotify playlist below I chose some songs I enjoy listening to at the moment – some of them are newer, some are older. It is a very relaxing list, so do not expect a dance or party music session when you´re about to tune in. The songs are listed in no particular order concerning preferences. Lean back and enjoy, hope you like it!

Two more words at this point: Tune in! (Whenever you feel like it.) 😉