1 year – quite a coffee journey

Perhaps the title says it already, perhaps it is just a title. That should be up to you. Certain milestones in life come and go, so do celebrations and setbacks. What they all have in common is..certainly all of them are unpredictable.
Life is colourful. Sometimes darker, sometimes lighter colours may appear. Most importantly, it is entirely up to you which colours you want to make a wee bit shinier and which you plan to erase a bit day by day in your life.

– Kind of pictured writing, right? So I guess it is time for a brief philosophical-ish story on that point…well because, happy coffee blog anniversary by the way! 😉 

Speaking of being the manager of your life colours, let me give you an example: I clearly never saw myself sharing personal words online with a special interest community someday. Maybe it was my life situation back in summer or just purely creativity which lead and convinced me to. What matters is the fact that I just tried it out. Because why the coffee hell not?? As long as you be yourself, nothing is willing to turn out super bad for you. That is for sure. Well, I am super glad I did start this coffee site exactly one year ago in August. I have been enjoying taking you along on my coffee journey ever since and I am curious how things are going to be and change within the next year. Maybe we are turning to a sort of similar post like this one again, just a year later on. Let us be curious and see.

Hence it feels nice and good to use this occasion to say thank you. Readers are precious, they truly are. Some have been there since the very beginning, some are stopping by every once in a while, a few may never become ones and some maybe turn back one day.  Truly colourful. I am very delighted to have you and be able to inspire and support your day on the coffee side of life. 😉

Thank you and all the best,