Welcome to CAMMYCOFFEESPOTS – a coffee lifestyle blog dedicated to the wonderfully exciting and ever-growing world of coffee. At cammycoffeespots, we aim to celebrate the unique coffeehouse culture and its inspirational people.

Founder behind this digital coffee space is Carmen. An Austrian coffee adorer who has been living and worked in places including Vienna and London the past years. Her passion for writing and travelling and fascination about coffee made her launch this coffee lifestyle blog back in 2016. Ever since she has been writing about the international coffee house landscape and coffee entrepreneurs to do both introduce and enchant fellow coffee enthusiasts and travellers about the wonderful yet ever-growing world of coffee. 

Coffee articles about places including New York, Dublin, Tulum, Marrakech, Munich, Salzburg and many many more are already waiting for you up here at cammycoffeespots. Stories about coffee entrepreneurs, great music wrapped up in coffeetunes playlists, coffeehouse recommendations and much more!

At least two cups a day, mainly filter and sometimes a good flat white or cappuccino are the beverages which brighten up my days. It´s a true pleasure having you here and I hope you enjoy this coffee journey up here as much as I do! – Carmen X