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Happy Tuesday, coffee mates! Ohh isn´t it a lovely day today? At least here in London it´s like 100% sunny. As always!! No kidding, I have enjoyed here way more sunny than rainy days to be honest. It´s just a rumour that London is the equivalent for foggy and uncomfortable weather. Well, anyhow

Sometimes the best things happen when you are not even trying to expect any. Well, that happened to me a couple of days ago while strolling around my hometown (aka village, it is pretty small and country alike where I grew up on that note but super lovely and beautiful at the same time). Strolling around is great for inspiration

..is called Café Telegraph. And let me tell you, it is a bliss! It is located near the uni campus in the ninth district of Vienna which could not fit any better, I suppose. It is a student place literally. The staff is so charming, the breakfast is absolutely amazing including very fair prices and the coffee selection is great.

It´s already been weeks since our visit at Teichwerk. Shame on me for keeping this spot hidden (due to the lack of typing time lately) for quite a bit. Nevertheless, the waiting was worth it, I guess. Especially when you happen to find yourself in or near the Upper Austria area, folks! This post is about the coffee place Teichwerk

S-P-R-I-N-G. And let me tell you, spring is literally happening in this cute gem I am going to introduce you right away. Full of flowers, lovely people, coffee cups and an incredible choice of furniture and decor to round it up - say hi to Moki´s Goodies. Located near the exhibition centre of Hamburg in one of those calm streets only