Coffeetunes #9


Happy Monday folks! First things first, how many cups of coffee are you planning to grab today? Two? Maybe five? Oh well, in my case I would say (probably) three.
Alright so with that in mind, what else do we need besides caffeine to get through a Monday? I suppose you may already know exactly where these words are leading you…and the title definitely is a tiny hint too, isn´t it?
– Yep, you got it! Clearly it´s time for some new tunes up here, quite cheeky we are already reaching número 9 considering the fact that the more text based format which launched a not so long time ago up here, called the coffee readings, still holds a unique position on this blog. Which means, it seems that the tunes are more likely to win the run when it comes to publishing posts. Guilty. 😉 For those who know me quite well, surely are well aware that music does play a sort of important and let´s say present role in my life. Concluding, coffee and just great music totally make a good couple, especially on a Monday, that is.

Therefore I am happily sharing this coffeetunes #9 playlist with you. Give it a listen and find yourself in a smooth but rocky mood. Also, have fun.

Uh yes and one more thing. I am also thinking of making room for playlists accessible via Soundcloud too. As some artists publish their music up there only, it might be a point to think about. Let me know if you wish to have separate playlists, I am more than willing to create some bonus coffeetunes playlists via Soundcloud every once in a while for you as well.
– And here´s a thing for you guys just right away…because it´s Monday and those tunes below do deserve to be heard. Cheers.

Sunday Chat & Changes

Back to [insert yours] university, back to work, back to school, back to a vacation from the vacation, back to a daily routine or whatsoever – my dear coffee mates, please consider this post as a chatty one. This Sunday talk prepares and explains you a bit about what is coming up, why and when – let me say, those words shall sum up the already ending summer season which was beautifuuuul in all terms and happily gets you ready for the lovely upcoming autumn season which is likely the time where new things in life happen to start.

In all honesty, I like it when things in life are changing – I see it as a sort of answer that you have made the most of all previous milestones and have grown. You are ready for a new celebration in your personal life and new memories are about to start. I am not saying that changes are necessarily easy but they might be a great opportunity to learn something about yourself, your people and others or new ones. Don´t hide, just try them out and take part in all the excitements your current life steps are happen to offer. Allow yourself to enjoy them purely – I mean, you can always hide with a decent amount of coffee if you need a break. 😉

Lean back and look forward to a lot. IMG_1789.jpgAs there is loads going on lately, I struggled a bit in finding time to actual sit down and type away a few words about new impressions in terms of coffeeplaces, my dear coffee fellows. I am sorry for that. For some reasons this coffee page is not quite getting the regular attention at the moment I wish it to. Anyways, I am very optimistic and of course still very keen on sharing new gems more regularly sooner than you might expect it up here.
Also I would like to mention that you will notice a bit of a geographical change when it comes to coffeeplace discoveries within the next time. Probably a little less Vienna based, but more international stories around coffee and stuff. Beginning this October, I guess. Do not get me wrong, I will definitely keep this coffeeblog very balanced though, that is for sure. As I have a passion for strolling around and discovering new places and as I am clearly a little fan of traveling, you do not need to worry about not finding a great coffeespot near you! Eventually there is a good coffeeplace for everyone I am sharing up here which will convince you in ordering your latte sometime. I promise.

Well well well…I assume we are on the same page when I say that this kind of blog post does not fulfil my coffeeblog policy if I would use it as an introduction for an actual coffeespot review. No way, we do it different anyways today which means I like to end this post with a sense of curiosity for everybody.
Hence I am using this chat to share some visuals with you, just a few sneak peeks. I would like to give you an idea or rather a little hint where the prospective posts will take you and to what you can start to look forward to, folks! Let us start right away, oh and by the way, guesses are welcome. All the best. 🙂

IMG_1793IMG_2172FullSizeRender 3IMG_1752IMG_1316.jpgIMG_1925


Coffee Postcards from Berlin

No coffee, no glory. Said, done. The name of the latest coffeespot I chose to visit recently with my family while staying in Berlin is literally the same as my sort of intro quote. Actually the spot is called No Fire No Glory. A little unusual for a café I think but A, we are talking about a Berlin spot and B, I do consider the name as kind of funny and creative though and it could not fit any better to the café. That is. 🙂

For those of you who are already familiar with, I tend to call it the hipster city because you need to be cool af to actually live the true Berlin vibe haha, may know the area already. No Fire No Glory is situated in one of the probably most beautiful streets in the Berlin city center. You find the coffeespot at Prenzlauer Berg. 🙂 I have not been in this area a lot since I am not a Berlin expert but whenever I happen to stroll around there, usual in company with my sister aka Berlin expert, I am always amazed and overtaxed at the same time. Why? Well, mainly because you cannot even walk like 10 metres and not starring at another coffeespot next to another one which is next to another one. And so on and so on. For coffee junkies like me, that can be an issue as you need to be aware to run a caffeine marathon there. What a sport, huh?

FullSizeRender 11.jpgThe thing besides the gorgeous latte I admire the most at No Fire No Glory café is the fact, that the staff talks in English only. It is an international environment and above all in Berlin places, be it a bar, a restaurant, a club or simply a cute café or a traditional hotel, it is more than common to talk in English. Even the German natives do that. That may be a little weird for some who are not used to that but I consider it as a fairly good idea and who does not want to get enchanted by multi cultural sparks? It just feels natural there.

Besides, to come back to the coffeespot talk, I am a true fan of the whole interior and of course the coffee machine at No Fire No Glory. Moreover I love it when there is the option to sit outside as well. A little terrace and big open windows which provide both experiences on warm or gloomy days seating options inside but having the feeling of sitting outside, oh wonderful that is. Make sure to stop by and order a latte whenever you happen to be in the lovely area Prenzlauer Berg of Berlin. For now, happy weekend coffee folks!!

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