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Good morning my dearest coffee mates :) This morning I have got a wonderful tip for you which includes both great coffee and decent pancakes. Dedicated to this week´s pancake day which was really a thing here in the UK - as a person who is usually used to eating so-called 'Faschingskrapfen' (= an Austrian carnival sweet which includes jam

Happy Tuesday, coffee mates! Ohh isn´t it a lovely day today? At least here in London it´s like 100% sunny. As always!! No kidding, I have enjoyed here way more sunny than rainy days to be honest. It´s just a rumour that London is the equivalent for foggy and uncomfortable weather. Well, anyhow

It´s already been weeks since I spent some days in lovely Munich and those obviously were accompanied by a few cups of coffee. As my schedule was pretty, let´s say packed up, I didn´t do a proper coffeeshop research where to go and where not so, though eventually I found a gorgeous one just out of coincidence really. If there