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It´s already been weeks since I spent some days in lovely Munich and those obviously were accompanied by a few cups of coffee. As my schedule was pretty, let´s say packed up, I didn´t do a proper coffeeshop research where to go and where not so, though eventually I found a gorgeous one just out of coincidence really. If there

If you happen to stroll around the first district of Vienna sooner than later, then make sure to stop by at the cutest tiniest spot of all: Fenstercafé. Well, the name "window café" probably might be a hint enough from what sort of size we are talking about here. Haha but let me tell you, you will definitely find yourself

Sometimes the best things happen when you are not even trying to expect any. Well, that happened to me a couple of days ago while strolling around my hometown (aka village, it is pretty small and country alike where I grew up on that note but super lovely and beautiful at the same time). Strolling around is great for inspiration

Ohh Portobello Road, you are so so lovely! Purely. Every time I am in London, I manage to visit at least one of my three top favourite places. Those are Primrose Hill, Notting Hill and the area around Tower Bridge. All so magical and beautiful indeed.Well, today I am happily sharing lovely content of one of the cutest coffeeshops ever with