Coffeetunes #15

This weekend marks two special occasions: first, it’s the last actual weekend during February and second, one of my best friends and I are going on holiday!!! There will be a couple of plane rides involved, hence the playlist.

A short trip every once in a while to catch some sun and enjoy some real friends quality time while exploring and getting a sense of a brand new culture, is just what a decent end of winter shall look like – right? I promise, we will do some coffee house exploring too. <3

Maybe you’re on a train, a bus, on a roadtrip, on a sofa, on a bench, the beach, in the garden, running, relaxing or whatever you’re doing, no matter where .. maybe you feel like listening to some tunes! Enjoy, fellow coffee mates & have a gorgeous weekend regardless.

Festive Coffee Talk – Café Eiles – Interview #3

A good couple of months ago, I had the honor to have a chat with one of the most impactful entrepreneurs of the Viennese coffee scene. Coffee house owner and business man Gert Kunze and I talked about his beloved coffeehouse right in the heart of the Josefstadt, Café Eiles. The partly in Mallorca living Austrian has traveled all over the place, as well as has done projects in Germany and the US. Now, he´s running the Café Eiles in Vienna and has been enjoying it ever since.

I remember showing you a glimpse of this coffeespot like a year ago, however, today it´s time to talk about the person who runs it! You may remember, besides the Café Eiles is one of my favorite go to places when it comes to having a classy melange or breakfast, I personally consider this coffeehouse as the hippest traditional café you can find, at least what Vienna concerns! Yup, cups up for interview round number three!! Enjoy and stay warm, forecast is snow! X


Coffee Talk at Café Eiles – Vienna 

C: Bonjour! Thank you so much for your time! Soo great having you as my next interview guest for my coffeeblog! I am very curious what you´re sharing today..
G: Sure, thank you for having me!

C: I need to say, your café is like my go to place when it comes to breakfast, especially during the wintery times. It does feel like a big classy yet cosy living room in here. I really like the decoration as well, very carefully selected. My top favourite item is probably the old cash mashine which looks like a type writer near the entrance.
G: Happy to hear that! To me, the most important thing is to make the customers feel at home! I take pride in getting to know my customers. It´s so nice to have so many regulars here already as well!

C: I was going to say, seems like every third person walking in here knows you!
G: I have got such a variety of people coming here regularly. Actors, ministors, journalists… It´s a place where culture and politics are made!

C: I can tell, with having both the parliament and the theatre Josefstadt just a stone’s throw away! I see there lot´s of young people as well, especially your staff.
G: Yes. I am so grateful for my team! In a way, they are the café and my customers partly come because of them. They feel welcomed and appreciate good company.

C: I can see that. They seem to really enjoy their job – I see them smiling!
G: To me, variety is an important aspect. I employed many internationals and the thing I am asking for, is to make an effort in speaking a proper language with the customers. I want them to speak German in the café, it´s a Viennese place after all and I want, that Café Eiles represents exactly that: a heartwarming and classy spirit.

C: It is a place which invites people to chat, read, watch and enjoy.
G: I believe, particularly my team adds so much positive value to this place. Customers come in and the first thing they see is the classy coffee counter – then they take their seat. Also, the whole café is a non-smoking zone.

It´s very important to know your customers. You need to listen, to understand and to be patient. – Gert Kunze

C: Though it´s quite full in here – literally every table is taken at 3.30 in the afternoon on a weekday – it doesn´t seem packed or noisy at all. You can hardly get that in a coffee house, it´s quite a rare thing.
G: True. There is a lot of space and the arrangement of the desks is perfect as people have their privacy. Plus, there is room for exchanging opinions with others if they want to! And the windows are so huge, they brighten up the room characterised by mainly dark furniture so well.


C: So, what´s the story behind it? Was it more or less a coincidence to end up running the Eiles or initially your plan?
G: Well, the café exists since 1840. It was a little long-run project really. I started from scratch – you know, I build it up and focused on creating an identity. The Eiles was so different back then and it really took much effort to create a new and welcoming place. Along with it comes passion, know-how and expertise. You need an excellent team. I wanted to create something where people felt comfortable and welcoming. A coffee house to come to whenever you feel like. It´s open. Also, the quality needs to fit.

C: I wonder how it was back then. Clearly, you´ve made a lot of changes and people seem to love it, including me! Are there any other projects coming up?
G: Thank your. In fact, yes. My latest one is the Cobenzl. I am just in the process of refurbishing it and make it my next place where people enjoy coming to. I am aiming it to be just very similar as the Café Eiles. This will take around two years from now.

C: Sounds exciting! And, since Christmas is coming – will people have the chance to visit your café around the holidays? 
G: Of course, a 100%! Café Eiles is open all year round. It´s 365 days a year from 7am to 12 pm. It´s important to me that people have a place to come to, where they feel at home. Especially for families or anyone really, it´s great to spend some relaxing time before the holiday celebrations are about to start! It´s a very peaceful environment.

C: That´s wonderful. So, if you were to describe your café in just three words…
G: Those would be: open, heartwarming and consistent.

C: Generally speaking, what do you think does a true coffee house actually need? Is there a secret formula?
G: Every coffee house needs the right intention and drive. Obviously a good team is important which you can trust. It should be welcoming and heartwarming, like coming home.

C: Are you happy you chose Vienna over Mallorca for running your coffee house?
G: Totally! Vienna is the place to be, it´s the heart of the coffee house culture and people are admiring our country so much, I can see that when talking to my customers. Even though the Austrian tends to moan quite a bit, we often forget what a privilege it actually is, to live in Austria. It has very good life quality.

C: I agree! To end up our talk, I´d like to close our chat with the question I am always asking: what´s your favorite coffee?
G: I personally prefer a good classic melange. It´s just wonderful, like round and fancy.

-Thank you, Gert!



Holiday Feeling a la Coffeetunes #13

Coffee mates, I am back! Back to regular writing and most importantly, back to continiously sharing this exciting coffee journey with you! Honestly, I am feeling soo happy and delighted right now. It is actually snowing outside as well. Almost cheesy. What can I say…I am just a winter person and this time around the year until probably the end of February is indeed one of my most favorite ones of the year. Besides the fact that we hardly have daylight (well, no offense to the Scandinavian countries, but having a midnight feeling at already 4pm-ish each day is enough for me..) .. so yeah, besides the dominating darkness, the fog and the slush during winter in the cities, I am totally  a winter person – 110%.  I mean, the shining and glowing lights everywhere, the xmas markets (punsch), the freezing and fresh breeze in the air, ideally the snow, the quiet and peacful streets and alleys and the quality time with the beloved ones during the holidays.

What an intro… It´s not even December! But still, due to my surroundings yet the craziness going on in the shops and simply highly exaggerated consumer marketing, you can hardly ignore the fact that the next Xmas is approaching fairly soon.

Anyway, I thought I will do an unusual thing up here and casually drop you a little festive music collection a la festive season. In fact, today and today only. You have no choice 😛

You may want to start with this track… Released ages ago by a top band. The style is so different compared to bands these days which makes it even more appropriate to draw some extra attention to them, I believe. It´s Cheap Trick.  Their song is actually a kind of parody, I shall say, of their original one…just a bit more festive in terms of the lyrics. Unfortunatley I could not find this track anywhere on Spotify. Apparently the streaming platform does not have the rights for this which is a shame, but as there is no shortage in finding tracks elsewhere too, this must do. Enjoy, I am sure you know the original one! 😉

X – Carmen


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Coffeetunes #7 roadtrip

It is the holiday season!! Wuhuu what a blast – let us celebrate this beautiful and exciting time of the year with a bunch of great music, shall we? I have recently picked some great and also quite new tunes for you. If you fancy, give the new coffeetunes playlist a listen! Actually this one is a bit of a roadtrip edition, so have fun chasing into it while driving endless miles…wherever my playlist may take you, enjoy the journey.

And hereeee it comes…

Veryyy summerlyyy – Coffeetunes #6

Well, I am well aware it is not like “official” yet but I do guess it is safe to say anyways: welcome summer! It still feels weird to even type this though…summer, you have reached us kind of early this year! What a blast and hopefully you are planning to stay and the temperatures remain so. Lovely lovely!

With an early summer(ish) season, new beloved music is just around the corner, coffee folks! This time I am skipping the next number in a row or rather am replacing it to a summerly alike edition concerning the name of my latest music playlist – hope all of you enjoy this one 🙂

Best music-coffee greetings a la summer, Carmen 🙂

Coffeetunes #3

Besides coffee, good music is one further “ingredient” I probably need on a daily basis. Yes, a new playlist is back! Though this one is a wee bit shorter than the others, it features loads of cool songs I am currently listening to. Can you guess which one of those is my fav on the list? Let´s try and tune in! Have fun & Cheers, Carmen

Coffeetunes #2

Hey there! Right a few days before Xmas and right before the festive day tomorrow, I thought I need to share some tunes I am currently listen to with you again. A little bit of music on a daily basis is just a treat, isn’t it?

Well, to keep it short: new tunes, moody, relaxing, melancholical, rock and fun.

I need to admit that a Xmas song had to be on the playlist as well. I am well aware everybody knows that song – some of you may hate and some may enjoy it. It just felt right to add it to the list anyway, sorry and not sorry 🙂 Keep listening and singing and if you have overheared that specific Xmas song which is totally possible, do not hesitate to keep your ear’s attention to the other ones on the playlist.

Enjoy and have a great upcoming Xmas break with your beloved ones!! As an extra treat, this coffeetunes music selection is slightly longer than the very first one. 🙂

Coffeetunes #1

Hey my dear ones! I trust you´re doing great and enjoying the Friday feeling. Today I thought of writing a post which is about something different. As some of you may know, I am pretty much into music. Well, coffee is a passion that´s a matter of fact but another one is definitely music. So I thought of sharing a playlist with you which goes well while hanging out in one of your fav coffeeshops or while you´re out for a long walk – getting some fresh air, thinking with your earphones in and stuff. 🙂

Without a particular reason I call this playlist Coffeetunes #1 – number one ´cause it´s the first one I publish on this blog obviously. So if you like such different topic posts – just switch the button to music instead of coffee though – please let me know. I am more than happy to share a few more playlists or better coffeetunes with you.

I am the kind of person who really enjoys live music. Going to concerts is such a pleasure and I appreciate those nights sooo much. If I had to choose three types of music genres which I kind of take with me on a lonely island, I´d say pop, rock and indie. That might chance slightly but in general I always prefer songs which belong to that type. For the spotify playlist below I chose some songs I enjoy listening to at the moment – some of them are newer, some are older. It is a very relaxing list, so do not expect a dance or party music session when you´re about to tune in. The songs are listed in no particular order concerning preferences. Lean back and enjoy, hope you like it!

Two more words at this point: Tune in! (Whenever you feel like it.) 😉