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Life is what can happen between coffee & wine. I personally think, this quote sums it up, at least when we are fully focusing on the sunny and fun side of it. Life is a row of moments we all are creating and sharing. And life is also what happens while we´re busy making other plans. Having a cup or

Today is the day which is fully dedicated to the London Coffee Festival. Imagine a point where it is truly normal to drink coffee all day long accompanied by good music, awesome pastry and just people like you with caffeine cravings in their head. Let me tell you, the London Coffee Festival (LCF) literally feels and is like coffee heaven

Yes, there is another spot located in Vienna waiting for you! I have to admit, it is one of my favourite ones during this cold winter days at the moment. Not only because they serve avocado toast!! This café is very appropriate to crash in during uni classes or something. As they have WiFi, many seating options and very very

Today I wanna introduce you two coffeespots I once discovered during my summer stay in London. This post is about two spots because they are kind of next to each other - but I did not discover both of them on the same day. Weird, but possible ;) Well, one of them is hidden pretty well actually, so I might start