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It´s already been weeks since our visit at Teichwerk. Shame on me for keeping this spot hidden (due to the lack of typing time lately) for quite a bit. Nevertheless, the waiting was worth it, I guess. Especially when you happen to find yourself in or near the Upper Austria area, folks! This post is about the coffee place Teichwerk

Yes, they do.This time I had a little extra help concerning the photography. My sister was totally in the mood to capture a few impressions of this spot in Linz. NomNom is located in the old town of the main capital of the province Upper Austria which belongs more or less to the countryside of Austria. My curiosity about the café raised

Today is the last Monday before Christmas. Maybe you have managed to get all the presents, then you definitely deserve a coffee. Maybe you have not managed to get all the presents for your friends and family yet, then you definitely need one.I can recommend you a small cute café located in the old town of Linz. If you never