Paris Chic in Soho – Café Boheme

I feel like introducing you to a very french alike place located right in the heart of Soho in London today. The coffeeplace belongs to the famous Soho House Group from which you may already heard a glimpse of and is called Cafe Boheme. My friend and I visited this place on a weekday – which turned out to be the best idea ever as we made it right on time for the happy hour slot. That was filled with live jazz and an excellent meal deal for Soho (read: 12 pounds in total for any main course and drink on the menu selection).

If I was to describe Cafe Boheme in just a single word (let´s make them two), I would go for Woody Allen. I literally felt like being in one of his arty movies. I put together some wee frequences up here – theese may give you an idea what I mean by referring to Woody Allen while writing this coffeeplace recommendation for you.

Okay, when you start browsing through the pictures below, you see how classy and chic everything is arranged at Cafe Boheme. The colours remind of the late 90s and same goes for the fashionable waiters and waitresses who are very chicy dressed as if they would be acting in one of the aforementioned movies as well. The thing I probably enjoyed the most – besides my lovely company – was the constant live music in the background. Cafe Boheme has this great atmosphere for ‘people watching’ – the food is typical brasserie fare including esgargots (which I did not eat and surely never going to try :)). All in all, you need to go there for the atmosphere! The coffeeplace offers an appealing Parisian boho vibe and the rosé we both enjoyed around 4pm was nothing short than amazing too.


I have got Notes for you!

Life is what can happen between coffee & wine. I personally think, this quote sums it up, at least when we are fully focusing on the sunny and fun side of it. Life is a row of moments we all are creating and sharing. And life is also what happens while we´re busy making other plans. Having a cup or a glass in between might do us good.
That´s what a friend of mine and me did before the lovely summer´s approaching. Honestly, I am so happy summer´s finally here. It just feels like recharging batteries truly. Continue reading “I have got Notes for you!”

The best flat white you can possibly get in England – Interview #2

What would be a Thursday without a wee of a coffee tip? Apparently the weather must be super amazing in England right now, so one further reason for choosing a, let’s say open-air coffee feeling, ha?
I´d like to introduce you to Le Petit Café today which is a little, little coffee gem, literally. Since I´ve been a loyal regular customer for quite a while now –  on a side note, I always go for the flat white which I hardly risk to order in London but this one is exceptional – I thought it was about time to share my secret flat white heaven tip with you. Last week, Bart who runs this coffee business and me had a bit of a chat about coffee and life nowhere else than in Turnham Green which is an area in the western part of London. Indeed there´s stories everywhere and I am excited to share his one with you today. Continue reading “The best flat white you can possibly get in England – Interview #2”

When Italians and Austrians talk about Coffee! – 21 Sid Coffee London – Interview #1

Have you ever wondered what´s going on in a barista´s mind who is busy making coffee behind the counter for dozens of people in their morning rush? What must it be like to prepare the seventieth cup of flat white after hours and hours of standing? Same goes for the non-liquid section, running a bakery for instance. Have you ever given it a thought how must it be like when there is to prepare a range of pastries that need to go out for delivery the next morning? – Must be loads going on. And, there is a woman who does it all! An Italian named Laura who´s been living in London for nearly 10 years now. I got to interview her the other day in her brandnew coffeeshop in London Fields. Today, I am delighted to share our coffee talk with you!

Laura is originally from Sicily. Back in April she´s opened her very own coffeeshop called 21 Sid Coffee, nowhere other than in exciting and multicultural London! It´s open 7 days a week and she serves the most delicious brunch, lunch, afternoon treats and doubtlessly incredible coffee. I had a blast there, spent a good four to five hours or so, I am sure you´ll have one too!

Continue reading “When Italians and Austrians talk about Coffee! – 21 Sid Coffee London – Interview #1”

Happy St. Patrick´s Day!

For some delightful reason, I happened to be in a certain area in the western part of London quite a bit. That´s certainly good news. Becaaaause – you know why, but still – exploring new areas usually comes hand in hand with discovering new things, new put it simply, just fresh stuff. And there it is: as a result of decent exploring, I am happily sharing a brand new coffee place with you right here. 🙂

The coffee place is called Wild Bunch and is located in Chiswick. Let me tell you, when you exit the tube or train station there, you would not believe that you are still very close to London. Why? Just because it looks so much more like a little hidden (but well infra structured) village in terms of everything really. The streets, the squares, the shops, the cafés and so on. Fairly nice. I love city life but in my heart I will always be drawn to smaller, greener and just more familiar alike areas which provide a sense of community feeling. Maybe because I grew up in a small town and always appreciate coming back to / living in a place which provides the very best balance between city and countryside ever since. Hence I experienced strolling around Chiswick quite positively. Not to mention that the flat white at Wild Bunch already convinced me enough. 😉

Living in new places, meeting new people, I love it all. I kind of pride myself on having the constant curiosity and somehow confidence to be open to adventures. It makes you learn so much about yourself and I could not be more grateful for the incredible experiences I have had recently and in the past. Never ever make the mistake to hold yourself back because you think things are supposed to be like ‘XY’ right now. Just trust your instincts and be there for your people in the best possible way. Actions have consequences and someday or even sooner, you feel them…but I do mean this in a positive way right now. Just enjoy your path and live in the moment rather than constantly focus on the next move. Wise wise coffee words…or so. 😉 

Anyhow, at the Wild Bunch you can get plenty of good stuff. For instance, such good bagels, soup, fresh juices, breakfast in general, turmeric shots, ginger shots (of which I am suuuuch a big fan atm) and very yummy treats including vegan raw energy balls, chocolate brownies plus much more. The café itself is not one of the biggest but it does offer quite a number of seating options. Even one right in front of the window which offers a great view straight to the town square garden. The staff and the owner of the café are very lovely and helpful. Not to mention attentive and keen on giving you some recommendations when you are indecisive about what to actually order. Besides, the atmosphere is very comfy. You can read, you can work, you can chat or simply listen to the playlist which had me every single time I spent some coffee moments there. 😉 Whenever you are curios about this part of London, make sure to put your foot into this café! I guarantee you´ll like it!

– Have a good weekend coffee mates & also, a great great St. Patrick´s Day!






A glimpse of Miami in London.

Good morning my dearest coffee mates 🙂 This morning I have got a wonderful tip for you which includes both great coffee and decent pancakes. Dedicated to this week´s pancake day which was really a thing here in the UK – as a person who is usually used to eating so-called ‘Faschingskrapfen’ (= an Austrian carnival sweet which includes jam and sugar on top..not healthy at all cough cough) – it was quite refreshing to see people celebrating another tradition on this very day. Just a little background info, pancake day is Shrove Tuesday and as the name says it already, it is all about enjoying this dish with your very best mates.

So, as a little shout out for this year´s pancake day, I am happily introducing you to a coffee gem called Café Miami which is located in the London Borough of Hackney. As someone who is living somewhere in South London, it was a little journey to actually get there really, but believe me it was totally worth it. As soon as I saw the sign they put out on Shrove Tuesday, they had me!IMG_5814IMG_5828IMG_5822IMG_5820The café is very popular for its lovely dishes like waffles and of course, pancakes. We went for the vegan coconut ones which came with berries and coconut flakes. Almost every single dish on the menu sounded sooo tempting, so choosing took a while! Next time I am definitely going for the pancakes with forest fruits or the ones with peanut butter slash nutella maybe. We´ll see. 😉 Okay and enough pancake talk for now! I am almost getting hungry again…

In terms of coffee, you have got quite some options as well! Be it a classic cappuccino, a swift espresso or flat white, the Café Miami team got it covered. On that note, I highly recommend you ordering a mug of filter coffee. If you are having a thing for black coffee too, this one may go great with coconut pancakes!! Have a good rest of the week & a lovely upcoming weekend, mates! Slowly but surely, we are heading into spring. Yes!



Coffeetunes #10


Yayyy it’s that time of the month again! Ironically it could be a weekly thing for me as well..that’s how much I enjoy putting playlists together for you. Being on track with the current and even not so current music blasts will always be a keen passion of mine. Hence I am delighted to share a bunch of songs I’ve been listening to lately with you. As usual, it’s a mixture of older and newer tunes, enjoy coffee folks – let the coffeetunes begin!! Coffee kisses from London.



Vanilla Black Coffee & Books – London

Happy Tuesday, coffee mates! Ohh isn´t it a lovely day today? At least here in London it´s like 100% sunny. As always!! No kidding, I have enjoyed here way more sunny than rainy days to be honest. It´s just a rumour that London is the equivalent for foggy and uncomfortable weather. Well, anyhow…guess what, I have a little coffee tip for you today! 🙂


I am going to introduce you to a spot in Kennington today. The place is called Vanilla Black Coffee & Books and is one of the cutest spots I´ve ever seen in South London. I went there with my sister the other day and we both enjoyed such a delicious breakfast including avocado toast, pastel de nata, porridge and black coffee. For those who don´t know what I am talking about when mentioning a phrase like pastel de nata…you will get an idea of it in the pictures below. An amazing Portuguese treat you find here in London surprisingly often!

The coffeeplace reminds me of a little cottage which could be in Sylt or somewhere near the Seaside really. It features two huge book shelves and you may find some cute birthday gifts there too. Mary Berry cookbooks, cutlery, coffee grinders, toys and gift cards – just to name a view. It´s a nice activity to do before ordering given the fact that there is mostly a little queue. Which is a good thing by the way, as it speaks for their specialty coffee. And let me tell you, every time I am popping into this place, the music enchants me. I once asked which playlist they are usually going for on Spotify and well, it sometimes happens that I play the very one at home as well, it´s just good and chilled coffee music. Hehe!

All in all, Vanilla Black Coffee & Books is a very cosy and child-friendly place! Usually people bring their dogs as well. I would say it is the perfect brunch place for families and coffee date spot with your besties! Happy exploring!