Coffeetunes #9


Happy Monday folks! First things first, how many cups of coffee are you planning to grab today? Two? Maybe five? Oh well, in my case I would say (probably) three.
Alright so with that in mind, what else do we need besides caffeine to get through a Monday? I suppose you may already know exactly where these words are leading you…and the title definitely is a tiny hint too, isn´t it?
– Yep, you got it! Clearly it´s time for some new tunes up here, quite cheeky we are already reaching número 9 considering the fact that the more text based format which launched a not so long time ago up here, called the coffee readings, still holds a unique position on this blog. Which means, it seems that the tunes are more likely to win the run when it comes to publishing posts. Guilty. 😉 For those who know me quite well, surely are well aware that music does play a sort of important and let´s say present role in my life. Concluding, coffee and just great music totally make a good couple, especially on a Monday, that is.

Therefore I am happily sharing this coffeetunes #9 playlist with you. Give it a listen and find yourself in a smooth but rocky mood. Also, have fun.

Uh yes and one more thing. I am also thinking of making room for playlists accessible via Soundcloud too. As some artists publish their music up there only, it might be a point to think about. Let me know if you wish to have separate playlists, I am more than willing to create some bonus coffeetunes playlists via Soundcloud every once in a while for you as well.
– And here´s a thing for you guys just right away…because it´s Monday and those tunes below do deserve to be heard. Cheers.