Late Night Coffee Treat – Coffeetunes #16

Good evening coffee mates! Here´s a little musical treat for you right before you go to bed I guess! Obviously depends when you are reading this, could be morning already where you are right now…in any case, it is a treat, be it a late or an early coffee one. 🙂 Hope you had a good long bank holiday weekend and surely a good start into the new week! You might have noticed the lack of coffee guides up here lately, I promise you, there´s a good reason for it. I will reveal more details about it soon, bare with me. Stay tuned and enjoy the latest coffeetunes edition you lovely bunch! x

ps: Let me know what your favourite track is!

Coffeetunes #15

This weekend marks two special occasions: first, it’s the last actual weekend during February and second, one of my best friends and I are going on holiday!!! There will be a couple of plane rides involved, hence the playlist.

A short trip every once in a while to catch some sun and enjoy some real friends quality time while exploring and getting a sense of a brand new culture, is just what a decent end of winter shall look like – right? I promise, we will do some coffee house exploring too. <3

Maybe you’re on a train, a bus, on a roadtrip, on a sofa, on a bench, the beach, in the garden, running, relaxing or whatever you’re doing, no matter where .. maybe you feel like listening to some tunes! Enjoy, fellow coffee mates & have a gorgeous weekend regardless.

Coffeehouse Music – coffeetunes #14

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is one of those days I am longing for both sun and motivation. Music has always been such a big deal for me. I like its company, like nonstop.  Also, I do find myself much more productive when I have got some tunes on in the back – like right now. To me, music is not only an element that brings people together and makes certain moments even more special, powerful and acknowledgeable, I see it as an everlasting yet inspiring source as well. Since we´re all fresh in 2019, a new coffeetunes playlist should be too, right? Here´s a bunch of my favorite tracks I am currently listening to.

Enjoy & have a good week! X

I have got Notes for you!

Life is what can happen between coffee & wine. I personally think, this quote sums it up, at least when we are fully focusing on the sunny and fun side of it. Life is a row of moments we all are creating and sharing. And life is also what happens while we´re busy making other plans. Having a cup or a glass in between might do us good.
That´s what a friend of mine and me did before the lovely summer´s approaching. Honestly, I am so happy summer´s finally here. It just feels like recharging batteries truly. Continue reading “I have got Notes for you!”

A chatty one including a fresh coffeetunes playlist. #11

I hope you´ve all had a lovely Easter break my dear coffeelovers. Some of you may had chocolate, some may spent the weekend abroad, some of you maybe went for great long walks with your beloved ones or chilled a well-deserved bit on the sofa – whether you celebrated Easter or not, I am sure you´ve found a way to enjoy the bit of spring sun the past weekend.

And speaking of spring, actually I´d like to share a fresh playlist with you today!! A new round of coffeetunes is back – we´re reaching a new kinda decade here really (read: coffeetunes#11) yay I´d say? Give it a listen sometime and smile. Music sometimes helps us appreciating certain moments way more and doubtless, keeps us company. There you go! X

And may I add some words to this coffeetunes post as well this time…

A few songs appearing on this playlist actually inspired me the recent weeks. Ironically one of them is called ‘Coming Home’ which was not necessarily the one I was listening to the most, but however, the title kind of goes well with my recent thoughts.

The thing with writing is, it can feel so fulfilling sometimes. I like the fact of putting thoughts together and being a bit of a storyteller from time to time. Similar to musicians who´re doing their lyrics really. Writing brings me great joy and does help me to assimilate certain things I am currently thinking or rather going through or just experiencing better, in a good way.

Even though, I am nearly mainly dedicating my writing up here to coffee only, I thought it might be nice to write up some personal lines from time to time as well. Plus, it does make my coffeeblog more personal and I think that little extra bit may make your reading experience more varied too.

I´ve experienced quite a few moments recently where I found myself realising something not just once, a few times actually. Sometimes you need to go or live somewhere else in order to find out what and where you really want to be. It´s kind of making your experiences through following your instincts which have lead me to a certain point I was intending to find along this year abroad: a point of having this, I´d like to call it ‘inner calmness’ – you start realising and even appreciating why you chose certain paths and left some behind for a bit, you´ve tried them out and now you know you got them figured out for yourself. I am grateful and proud of that. – I am pretty sure the majority of you won´t have a clue of what I am talking about right now..I´ll let it up to your interpretation but all I want to end this paragraph right now, is with the following: HOME, I am very much looking forward to you! Truly.

Happy reading & listening aaaand incredible ongoing coffee sessions, Carmen.


Coffeetunes #10


Yayyy it’s that time of the month again! Ironically it could be a weekly thing for me as well..that’s how much I enjoy putting playlists together for you. Being on track with the current and even not so current music blasts will always be a keen passion of mine. Hence I am delighted to share a bunch of songs I’ve been listening to lately with you. As usual, it’s a mixture of older and newer tunes, enjoy coffee folks – let the coffeetunes begin!! Coffee kisses from London.



Coffeetunes #9


Happy Monday folks! First things first, how many cups of coffee are you planning to grab today? Two? Maybe five? Oh well, in my case I would say (probably) three.
Alright so with that in mind, what else do we need besides caffeine to get through a Monday? I suppose you may already know exactly where these words are leading you…and the title definitely is a tiny hint too, isn´t it?
– Yep, you got it! Clearly it´s time for some new tunes up here, quite cheeky we are already reaching número 9 considering the fact that the more text based format which launched a not so long time ago up here, called the coffee readings, still holds a unique position on this blog. Which means, it seems that the tunes are more likely to win the run when it comes to publishing posts. Guilty. 😉 For those who know me quite well, surely are well aware that music does play a sort of important and let´s say present role in my life. Concluding, coffee and just great music totally make a good couple, especially on a Monday, that is.

Therefore I am happily sharing this coffeetunes #9 playlist with you. Give it a listen and find yourself in a smooth but rocky mood. Also, have fun.

Uh yes and one more thing. I am also thinking of making room for playlists accessible via Soundcloud too. As some artists publish their music up there only, it might be a point to think about. Let me know if you wish to have separate playlists, I am more than willing to create some bonus coffeetunes playlists via Soundcloud every once in a while for you as well.
– And here´s a thing for you guys just right away…because it´s Monday and those tunes below do deserve to be heard. Cheers.

Coffeetunes #8

Heya coffeemates, it is time for some new good music! As autumn has already made quite an appearance the previous days (read: chilly temperatures, hotter cappuccinos and strolls accompanied by colorful leaves), there is no point in not sharing one of my occasional seasonal music creations. You will find yourself listenting to some tunes of the german indie band “Kytes” on my latest coffeetunes playlist – one band I am obsessed with at the moment. Their album is just soo good. Well, I guess adding four total songs of them to my latest playlist already puts them into a special light in terms of music on my coffeeblog. Anyways, keep the rest of their tunes a listen too, it might be worth it especially if you are into rock & indie music as much as I am, there is plenty of them on Spotify.

Alright, so far so good. Have fun listening & wherever you happen to start this playlist, make sure to fall for it properly – means smile and turn up the volume!

Best music coffee greetings on this autumnal Thursday, Carmen. 🙂