Holiday Feeling a la Coffeetunes #13

Coffee mates, I am back! Back to regular writing and most importantly, back to continiously sharing this exciting coffee journey with you! Honestly, I am feeling soo happy and delighted right now. It is actually snowing outside as well. Almost cheesy. What can I say…I am just a winter person and this time around the year until probably the end of February is indeed one of my most favorite ones of the year. Besides the fact that we hardly have daylight (well, no offense to the Scandinavian countries, but having a midnight feeling at already 4pm-ish each day is enough for me..) .. so yeah, besides the dominating darkness, the fog and the slush during winter in the cities, I am totally  a winter person – 110%.  I mean, the shining and glowing lights everywhere, the xmas markets (punsch), the freezing and fresh breeze in the air, ideally the snow, the quiet and peacful streets and alleys and the quality time with the beloved ones during the holidays.

What an intro… It´s not even December! But still, due to my surroundings yet the craziness going on in the shops and simply highly exaggerated consumer marketing, you can hardly ignore the fact that the next Xmas is approaching fairly soon.

Anyway, I thought I will do an unusual thing up here and casually drop you a little festive music collection a la festive season. In fact, today and today only. You have no choice 😛

You may want to start with this track… Released ages ago by a top band. The style is so different compared to bands these days which makes it even more appropriate to draw some extra attention to them, I believe. It´s Cheap Trick.  Their song is actually a kind of parody, I shall say, of their original one…just a bit more festive in terms of the lyrics. Unfortunatley I could not find this track anywhere on Spotify. Apparently the streaming platform does not have the rights for this which is a shame, but as there is no shortage in finding tracks elsewhere too, this must do. Enjoy, I am sure you know the original one! 😉

X – Carmen


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Secret Pocket – Burggasse 24

It was one of those days Vienna got even a bit prettier. What I mean by saying that? I am talking about the fast and innocent way loads of snow showed up within a few minutes some days ago. As i love snow and winter in general that much – although I am craving for a bit of sunshine already and looking forward to a hopefully warmer march – my mood could not get any better expect the moment I was holding a coffee cup in my hand.

I found one pretty good secret pocket in the 7th district. It is like a concept store: I would say, a point where fashion and coffee come together. Cosiness would be the word which defines the setting at its best. There is an old-fashioned stove, many cute chairs and sofas and pretty stunning design, art and furniture. Furthermore it is pretty student friendly. Great to study, work on projects, bring a foreign into the fancy Vienna lifestyle a la seventh district and to hide as well. 🙂 The coffee machine is pretty nice to look at. I do apologise for not showing you a coffee picture here, but I will make it up to you soon. Probably the following spot pictures are a little excuse already. Have a nice day, we are already heading towards the weekend!!

FullSizeRenderBesides, you may find a few pictures about the Burggasse 24 coffee place on Instagram as well.

The day I discovered Süssmund.

“Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

Snowy days, oh how I love them. I am so so soo happy we finally got some snow a few days before Xmas. As I am a winter person, the white little flakes do a great job in amazing me to be honest. Snow in combination with coffee is just perfect, is not it?

Well, today I would like to introduce you one coffee place which is highly valuable in the coffee world and also to me. About a year ago a tiny little spot in a Viennese pub called “The Brickmakers” got me with their tempting coffee corner called caféatelier. That was the lucky day, I actually got the chance to try the Süssmund coffee. It tasted like coffee heaven. From that day on, it happened to be my absolutely favourite coffee in general. Unfortunately the caféatelier literally disappeared a while ago. But do not worry, the story goes on. The man behind this coffeespot – his name is Nikolaus Hartmann who recently became a truly coffee passionate and coffee expert – started his own project. The project carries the lovely name Süssmund.FullSizeRender[5]

The Süssmund café is located in the first district right behind the Jewish Place of Vienna. Actually that place happened to be a supermarket in former times. I am truly thankful for my curiosity because otherwise my way probably would never led me to the caféatelier which convinced me for further exploring – finally to the special Süssmund.

The quality of the coffee is a blast. When you are entering this place – and during cold winter days you have to pass the curtain which stops the freezing wind first – you spot a bunch of grey boxes which represent the front side of the barista counter. As well as this, they are filled up with wrapped coffee material for sale. I really like the cute furniture including cosy pillows and flower vases. The Süssmund roasted coffee is available in a few other coffee places in Vienna too – I hardly know anybody who is not convinced of their famous filter coffee yet.

All in all, I can truly recommend their coffee served with love, passion and know-how. Currently during the pre-holiday season you actually can spot some snow while you are sitting in the warm coffee gem Süssmund. Let´s enjoy this beautiful combination. 🙂


At this point, I would like to wish you all a very happy Xmas and hope you can spend it with the people you love. Enjoy the holidays, relax and slow down a bit. Coffee might help you doing that. Well, happy Xmas once again and stay tuned, you will get to read more coffee posts soon. There is still some coffee content which needs to be shared with you in the year 2016.