A chatty one including a fresh coffeetunes playlist. #11

I hope you´ve all had a lovely Easter break my dear coffeelovers. Some of you may had chocolate, some may spent the weekend abroad, some of you maybe went for great long walks with your beloved ones or chilled a well-deserved bit on the sofa – whether you celebrated Easter or not, I am sure you´ve found a way to enjoy the bit of spring sun the past weekend.

And speaking of spring, actually I´d like to share a fresh playlist with you today!! A new round of coffeetunes is back – we´re reaching a new kinda decade here really (read: coffeetunes#11) yay I´d say? Give it a listen sometime and smile. Music sometimes helps us appreciating certain moments way more and doubtless, keeps us company. There you go! X

And may I add some words to this coffeetunes post as well this time…

A few songs appearing on this playlist actually inspired me the recent weeks. Ironically one of them is called ‘Coming Home’ which was not necessarily the one I was listening to the most, but however, the title kind of goes well with my recent thoughts.

The thing with writing is, it can feel so fulfilling sometimes. I like the fact of putting thoughts together and being a bit of a storyteller from time to time. Similar to musicians who´re doing their lyrics really. Writing brings me great joy and does help me to assimilate certain things I am currently thinking or rather going through or just experiencing better, in a good way.

Even though, I am nearly mainly dedicating my writing up here to coffee only, I thought it might be nice to write up some personal lines from time to time as well. Plus, it does make my coffeeblog more personal and I think that little extra bit may make your reading experience more varied too.

I´ve experienced quite a few moments recently where I found myself realising something not just once, a few times actually. Sometimes you need to go or live somewhere else in order to find out what and where you really want to be. It´s kind of making your experiences through following your instincts which have lead me to a certain point I was intending to find along this year abroad: a point of having this, I´d like to call it ‘inner calmness’ – you start realising and even appreciating why you chose certain paths and left some behind for a bit, you´ve tried them out and now you know you got them figured out for yourself. I am grateful and proud of that. – I am pretty sure the majority of you won´t have a clue of what I am talking about right now..I´ll let it up to your interpretation but all I want to end this paragraph right now, is with the following: HOME, I am very much looking forward to you! Truly.

Happy reading & listening aaaand incredible ongoing coffee sessions, Carmen.


Having coffee in Hamburg is like…

S-P-R-I-N-G. And let me tell you, spring is literally happening in this cute gem I am going to introduce you right away. Full of flowers, lovely people, coffee cups and an incredible choice of furniture and decor to round it up – say hi to Moki´s Goodies. Located near the exhibition centre of Hamburg in one of those calm streets only a beautiful living area might be able to offer. I am pleased sharing some new coffee gems of Germany with you in adding a new city to the list. Stay tuned for more Hamburg content, I am thinking of sharing a few more coffee dedicated places with you the upcoming days.

FullSizeRender[3]Yes, you are! Moki´s Goodies is like pure cuteness. I consider it as the ideal place catching up with your closest friends having a fulfilling breakfast, fancy lunch and last but not least coffee. Probably this spot is very suitable for having a first date as well, the atmosphere has something for everybody, I guess. Romantic and comfortable but exciting too. Make sure to order a cappuccino – not only because of the gorgeous latte art. Very enjoyable and just the right amount of caffeine. No matter if you are in the mood for soy/almond/low fat/flavoured milk, it is all possible of course, folks. The food is great too by the way, we had breakfast there which could not be more enjoyable. On another note, the portions are huge, so extensively starving might be helpful!

Moki´s Goodies is also lovely because it puts you in the spring mood instantly. We are all craving for sun sun sun lately (aren´t we??) and probably could not be more happier having those longer and brighter evenings back. I kind of forgot how delightful it can be skipping socks and wearing sunglasses confidently all day long. Let´s appreciate the spring vibes happening on the tables right there. So beautiful and motivating and a tiny decent hint that we are finally heading towards warmer periods.


More pictures on Instagram and Facebook – looking forward to “meeting” you there too. 🙂


Finally a little spring (or rather sun) showed up

Isn´t it kind of a coincidence this year´s Valentine´s day happened to be during the sunniest and most spring alike week of the whole year so far? Maybe. When sun´s out, strolling around the city is even much more fun. Especially when exploring leads to coffee place discovering.

Today I am happy introducing you a very cute and charming sort of café. I would say, it is a place where vintage furniture (how cool are blue salon sofas btw?), the most colourful flowers and special or rather oriental looking cutlery come together. I visited this café with a friend from England. She obviously had tea there, I went with a typical latte. 🙂 The coffee selection is pretty much the same as in the “Fürth Café” which is also a damn good spot in Vienna when it comes to coffee. Yayyy – wait, another Vienna spot? As I am spending most of the time in Vienna due to work and studies right now, I am trying to provide you the very best coffee related tips although it is not so varied as I wished it was for you at the moment, I know..copy that. But soon there will be mentioned some café tips of a northern German city and maybe some British ones within the next months, I promise. For now, back to the one I am about to present you here. – Oh one more thing though, the reason why the coffee is the same as in the above mentioned viennese coffee place “Fürth”, is simple: they do the coffee delivery. I am not saying they do the coffee preparing as well but someone needs to do the roasting, right?


Café Ansari, I don´t know why it took me so long to discover you. If I had known you sooner, I´d probably have visited you on a regular basis already. Thus I´m happy having the chance now 🙂 Entering a new café is always an interesting moment for me. So much to capture at the same time, folks!! As soon as I entered this café, I felt veryyy welcomed – the staff instantly provided us an amazing table. Just saying, when someone is offering you a window table including a bunch of wonderful bright flowers placed next to a very cosy blue sofa, which enables you the very best view all over the café, the answer needs to be more than yes! A big big yes, agree?

Café Ansari does breakfast and amazing main courses plus desserts too. I could sneak some on the neighboured tables while I was truly enjoying my latte. Furniture is a thing, I appreciate cafés who fall for dark furniture as much as I do. The contrast with the colourful decor is great. One fun fact I did notice too: the glasses the staff uses for the drinks could work as ones for flowers as well. And vice versa. I literally could not see a difference sometimes. Sorry for not capturing those but maybe you are curious enough now to double check this.  You´ll find the Café Ansari in the second district of Vienna near the busy Schwedenplatz. For the viennese insiders of you, just pass along the narrow street near the fancy Sofitel and stop a few meters before the sushi place Mochi, then I´m pretty sure you´ve made it successfully!