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Today as I am typing this, it has about a good dose of 27 degrees. Welcome to SUMMER coffee mates! It's June, the 21st. We have officially entered a new season and I celebrated this treat today with some slices of refreshing watermelon and a good filter coffee. Fun fact, I put a white summery loose dress on and managed

Life is what can happen between coffee & wine. I personally think, this quote sums it up, at least when we are fully focusing on the sunny and fun side of it. Life is a row of moments we all are creating and sharing. And life is also what happens while we´re busy making other plans. Having a cup or

It is official. Summer season is on, yeees. It has been very quiet on the blog here lately, I wish it was different but sometimes writing flows are not making an appearance like on a non stop regular basis. Anyways, I guess the current summer vibes are the reason for that lack of posts lately but also happily motivating me