I have got Notes for you!

Life is what can happen between coffee & wine. I personally think, this quote sums it up, at least when we are fully focusing on the sunny and fun side of it. Life is a row of moments we all are creating and sharing. And life is also what happens while we´re busy making other plans. Having a cup or a glass in between might do us good.
That´s what a friend of mine and me did before the lovely summer´s approaching. Honestly, I am so happy summer´s finally here. It just feels like recharging batteries truly. Continue reading “I have got Notes for you!”

Café Au Lait Frappé

It is official. Summer season is on, yeees. It has been very quiet on the blog here lately, I wish it was different but sometimes writing flows are not making an appearance like on a non stop regular basis. Anyways, I guess the current summer vibes are the reason for that lack of posts lately but also happily motivating me more than in a long time to share beautiful coffee related impressions with you. Like this one. 🙂

Let me introduce you the lovely gorgeous cute (three adjectives are still not enough but let us stick to them..for now) café “Les Jardins du Café Francais“. Oh what a gem. Truly!

So, we had a table right in the middle of the frenchy happening. I went there with two good friends of mine which I actually had not seen for quite a time. Sure we did but indeed had not that much time for sitting down and actually catching up and stuff. What better place to do that than on a lovely summer day like this? We had a blast and I am sure it was not the last time we made a visit to the cute café gem. Though the drinks are a little pricy (blame the tourist spots nearby) the coffee tasted absolutely delicious. Worth having a second glas – in that case it was actually a glas rather than a cup. All in all, the setting is just beautiful and you may get in a sense of relaxing mood instantly. Surrounded by big trees, cute flowers on the desk and bright and arty furniture, not to mention the cute waiters too 😉 – you have got everything covered for a lovely afternoon spent with friends.

Okay and now to the deets: The café is an additional spot to the well-known café francais near the university of Vienna. The parc edition is located in the kind of big Stadtpark in the third district of Vienna. Basically the coffee place is open non stop weekly, from 11 am to midnight except on Sunday and Monday until 6 pm. So, there is plenty of time to make a visit and try one of the lovely iced coffee including french tunes which means café au lait frappé. 😉 And maybe you are in the mood for a Caesar´s salad and one Rosé as well – almost obligatory because it is french, as I said.

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Veryyy summerlyyy – Coffeetunes #6

Well, I am well aware it is not like “official” yet but I do guess it is safe to say anyways: welcome summer! It still feels weird to even type this though…summer, you have reached us kind of early this year! What a blast and hopefully you are planning to stay and the temperatures remain so. Lovely lovely!

With an early summer(ish) season, new beloved music is just around the corner, coffee folks! This time I am skipping the next number in a row or rather am replacing it to a summerly alike edition concerning the name of my latest music playlist – hope all of you enjoy this one 🙂

Best music-coffee greetings a la summer, Carmen 🙂