Where to have coffee up north – England Edition

Yes, you read that right. I am going to encourage you to take the train from London up to Yorkshire. Totally worth it when you seek to get a bit of a city break. The province where places like York (the old-fashioned one 😉 ), Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate, Manchester, Liverpool and many many other places are. I have had the chance this year to visit some of them and let me tell you, there are some gems I need to show you up here too. To be honest, it´s been quite a while I have been to the northern part of England, but I recently stumbled upon the pictures and thought, hey – there is indeed a few things I would like to share with you. Maybe you happen to be in one or two of those places in the near future and then you can rely on having this little guide when it comes to coffee cravings. I am going to keep this post a short one though, fairly picture based, but there is no shortage in recommendations, I promise! X

Let me start with York. When I first heard of this city, I did not really associate anything particular with it. Some relations like very English alike city with stunning architecture came to my mind, but that was it really. Now I can say, that York has made it to the list of my top favorite cities within the UK. I have traveled the UK a bit within the previous year and despite the moody wheather, I found some places I really would like to visit again at some point. York is probably one of them. It´s soo cute yet classy. And, surprisingly there are quite a few coffeeshops as well. My highlight was mainly strolling through the narrow streets and avenues, seeing the historical castle and how could I not mention them: the pubs.

So yeah, in terms of coffee I can recommend you the following…

  • Brew & Brownie – 5 Museum St, York YO1 7DT (make sure to order a latte there!)
  • Café Concerto – 21 High Petergate, York YO1 7EN (the store front itself is magical)



The neeext place is Harrogate. It is located right in the heart of Yorkshire and used to be a spa town way back. The city itself is very beautiful. You´ve got pretty much everything there. From concept stores to nice restaurants and galleries to trendy coffeeshops and lively bars including live music as well as a huge park and a little classy theatre. It´s again, a very English place. A much more calmer place and you might see many families and people walking their dogs. Also, Harrogate is super posh, but in a good way – people are well dressed and overall the city seems to be very organised and simply a hub to all the people living close by on the countryside who seek to experience a bit of classy, cultural but still relaxed places and lifestyle.
When you happen to be in Harrogate, you should check those places out… FYI, I luckily had a local with me, so that´s why there´s an extra few fairly nice hidden gems on the list!

  • Lilly´s Café 24 Commercial St, Harrogate HG1 1TY (come on in, darling!!)
  • Bean & Bud – 14 Commercial Street, Harrogate HG1 1TY (their filter coffee is out of this world..btw.)
  • North Bar 2D Oxford Buildings, Cheltenham Parade, Harrogate, HG1 1DA (go and have a pint there 😉 )
  • Zinc John St, Harrogate HG1 1JZ (the place for vino and café! actually they do monthly wine tastings too.)
  • Harrogate Theatre (did not have coffee there, but the place itself is stunning)
  • Bettys Café Tea Room (same as above, actually there´s more of them in the UK, but Harrogate was the place where it started originally back nearly a century ago)


IMG_7101IMG_7106IMG_7075IMG_7077IMG_7108IMG_7109And, last but not least, I´d like to share some impressions of Manchester with you. I always had those hiiigh expectations about this northern city – a la “Manchester, the music city!” I do believe in some ways this is true. I am pretty sure this is a great place for partying too. Anyway, I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed when I actually visited this city a good long while ago. I don´t know why, but it didn´t really excited me in particular…I was strolling around the Northern quarter, the media city, the city centre near the public library and the gallery which were both super beautiful, however other than that, I felt like Manchester is a big industrial place. In any case I will ever come up there again, I really would like to go with a so-called expert. I am pretty sure there is more than just chain stores and office buidlings, so maybe I should give it a further go sometime. Here´s what I would recommend to visit anyway…

IMG_0889IMG_0890IMG_0893IMG_0897IMG_0904IMG_0907IMG_0908IMG_0896IMG_0901IMG_0903IMG_0892Finito! x

In the beginning I said this post is going to be a short one, didn´t I? At least what the number of words concerns… Hope you´ve enjoyed this kind of post, I felt like approaching it differently this time…a bit of a mixture between travel and coffee content mainly in the form of visuals. For now I say:  Happy exploring, coffee mates! 🙂

Since you´re here…If you´re interested, I´d love to put together a sort of similar post about the South side of England…I got places like Brighton, Bristol, Bath and the Cornish Coast in mind…just saying. I´d love to hear your feedback! Coffee Kisses! 

Coffee Reading #1

Today/Tonight (that is entirely up to you) I am sharing a coffee related post which is slightly more different than the ones I am usually publishing here. It is not about a specific coffeespot which inspired and enchanted me recently, nor is it a sort of updated version of my coffeetunes playlist…rrrather, well it is a new format. Completely new, actually. I have not figured out whether treating this format as a regular one but we will see where it goes. The idea basically just came up recently and since I am always keen on trying out something new, I thought why not. Sure the focus stays the same, so no off topic stuff here, but as I said it is a write up in a slightly different way. Maybe it is the freely flexibility this blog gives me or rather just healthy creativity coming from myself – anyhow, it needs to get out there and does have a sense of excitement.


So, I would like to dedicate this post to some coffee related reading I have recently stuck into. It is a mixture of a bunch of different topics covering the main topic aka coffee of course but the articles are different. No reviews or trend shoutouts at this point. Just reading about the industry. Let me call it pure coffee reading written by journalists, founders of coffee places or simply passionates. One chosen article is quite going into deep – yes, sometimes also more serious and thoughtful readings come along regarding the coffee topic – others are much more a delightful enjoyment. Naturally all may be truly inspiring and fun fact, one is even event related.
The new format Coffee Reading starts now (number one out of we will see). It is what it is. Just that.

BTW, the upcoming numbers are randomly picked which means there is no preference. It is just a personal list to make it easier for you to follow. 🙂
On another note, I would like to mention and point out that this post is not sponsored or at one tiniest level ad related. It may seem so because of a list of picked products, but clearly it is just a personal review and recommendation party. Like all the other published content you may find on my blog. If otherwise, it is clearly stated but as my aim is to share my enjoyment in terms of coffee with you, I am much more focusing on subjective and personal content rather than writing because somebody wants or pays me to. Just wanted to mention this in the first place before you are heading into this journalistic-ish coffee post of today/tonight (as I said, it is up to you ;)) – Have a good read, coffee folks!


I would like to begin this new series with the one and only “The World Atlas of Coffee”. Written by the wonderful James Hoffmann. Let me call him the inside champion in the world of coffee. He has been publishing many many posts about the coffee world since 2004 on his blog and basically summed up all his knowledge beautifully in the aforementioned book. If you are curious what this is all about, you can download a free chapter via his website. Kind of a cool thing which makes it super easy to get a first insight and then decide whether it is something for you. Anyhow, I believe every page is worth reading and/or rather looking at it (sure it includes many gorgeous pictures as well – visuals do matter!!).

(C) James Hoffmann

– I really enjoyed reading this book and every once in a while I intend to look up several coffee things. It is the perfect reading material which explains literally everything from C to E (you dear coffee junkies get this abbreviation, I believe ;)) and helps a lot when you just need to know something about this industry instantly. James Hoffmann is in the business for like twelve years already. That means something, right? – In all honesty, I would never give it back, the book is a little treasure. It covers everything you need to know. I appreciate the fact when people are willing to share their knowledge with others via different canals or just want to express themselves in an individual way, be it a song, a writing or even a sculpture (somewhat). Sharing means caring and that is wonderful.


Okay, the second reading I picked is a book again. My lovely mom got me this one and it amazed me the second I was holding it in my hands. The book has almost the same size and thickness as the one mentioned above. It covers so many hidden gems of the coffee industry and you cannot believe how many gorgeous baristats are spotted in there as well. Like half a hundred or so? No kidding. 😉
It is truly amazing how many awesome coffeespots are still waiting to get discovered! Above all this book managed to rise my curiosity about the Australian and New Zealand coffee places. Dreaming about this part of the world for ages!!

FullSizeRender 2
(C) Carmen Lenzeder
FullSizeRender 4
(C) Carmen Lenzeder

Besides the book, the website of “Refinery 29” in general covers truly cool and amazing coffee content indeed. I am sure everybody will be successful in finding an exciting and above all interesting coffee story. It is fun just browsing through various articles, I guarantee you will not regret killing some time on this website.




Will we ever run out of coffee? Need to mention this write up too although it is not exactly a fun topic. What exactly does coffee have to do with climate change? You may find out while reading this article published by a journalist of the BBC recently. I honestly had some mixed feelings while reading this. It emphasises some points in terms of coffee and environment which we all probably have never really thought of. Or not enough… Let me know what you think after reading this one. Just four words from my side regarding this article for now -> poor planet poor coffee! Besides the more serious topic, it is a good read though, trust me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.10.50 pm
(C) Nassos Stylianou, BBC UK


Last but not least, a shoutout for a fun and creative coming together! This coffee related event definitely has its perks. If I was in the UK at that time of the year I would not hesitate to go there and share my thoughts with the other coffee lovers!! Sure thing. Maybe someone of you is lucky enough to attend this coffee celebration event though. In that case, have fun! And drink some coffee for me too please..

(C) Eventbrite UK

– Well that´s a wrap, I guess. I hope you have enjoyed or are still enjoying those several linked readings. Maybe they put you in a different caffeine mindset as well as they maybe help you to increase your coffee knowledge.
So far so good, I am happy to hear if you have liked this new format or fancy such posts in the upcoming future on this blog in general – I am thinking about turning this into a regular thing or so. So, let me know and do not dehydrate, it is summerly hot in most parts of the world, yay. 🙂