A love letter to the coffee house landscape

Visiting a café is an experience that engages all the senses. Everyone might associate something different when thinking of the term coffee house. You could either be thinking of something more traditional, classy, or of something like take-away place, bakery or hipster place. Maybe you were just thinking of a mobile coffee van — and I am sure probably in this very moment, there is opening a new coffee house somewhere in the world. It is actually quite hard to tell how many of such types of coffee houses exist in total — imagine all the coffee market stands, the places near the highway, the boutique cafés in the parks and museums or in the hotels plus the independent coffee houses and the chains — well there is definately no shortage! Hence I thought, I dedicate a few paragraphs to the historical side of this phenomenon, a beloved one for many people.

TischKult Atelier – Austria

Beginning with the early description of School of Wisdom which is a meeting place of men of arts and literature, then followed by the refer to Penny Universities in England that became popular forums to discuss all manner of political issues, current affairs while paying for a cup of coffee, and moving on to Seminaries of Sedition in England which is a view held by the authorities who saw cafés as anti-social and ordered them to get a license, and finally Kaffee Klatsch in Germany, the description of a women gossip afternoon coffee session, shows that the term coffee house has experienced quite a development before actually receiving its well-known name.

The coffee house culture in Europe has come a long way since the first coffee houses appeared in Venice, Italy back in 1629. You may have heard of or even have visited one of the most historical ones called Caffè Florian. It is one of the oldest coffee houses that is existing until this very day. A very traditional, classy yet fancy place which truly celebrates the coffee culture and its people. It is simply impressive when you just think of how many conversations have taken place over hundreds and hundreds of decades in one coffee place. So many stories! That is fascinating.

The coffee scene kept growing fairly quickly, followed by a few first coffee houses in England and France. In the five o’clock tea town London, the very first coffee house was opened by Edward Lloyd near the Thames back in 1685, called Edward Lloyd Coffee House. A few years later in 1696, the location of this coffee house changed very close to the centre of English maritime trade. While running the coffee house, Edward Lloyd launched a list which was filled with information on ship arrivals and departures and included some intelligence on conditions abroad and at sea. This list functioned as a daily news provider on stock prices, foreign markets and high-water times at London Bridge and reports of accidents and sinkings. Although the historical coffee house is not trading anymore, it is still very famous today. Indeed, it was from this coffee house that Lloyd ́s of London was established which eventually became the largest insurance company worldwide.

With Oxford, London and later on Paris being the first hubs for coffee houses, the Austrian capital Vienna is yet the place where the culture of drinking coffee was itself widespread in the country until today. While it is hard to tell an accurate number of the existing coffee houses worldwide, it´s relatively easy to limit it on one city. According to statistical evaluations by the federal chamber of economics of Austria about the current gastronomy businesses, there are almost 850 (by the end of 2018) coffee houses located in Vienna. Close to a thousand coffee places in just one single city in a country. Isn´t that a true homage to the coffee scene itself?

Vienna is the city which is probably the most famous one worldwide when it comes to the coffee house scene. Since 2011, the Viennese coffee house culture is classified as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. The tradition of the Viennese coffee house culture goes back to the end of the 17th century. Today, we are experience the third wave of coffee. Today we are experiencing the third wave of coffee.

To quickly fill you in, the main milestones regarding the coffee field´s developments are categorised in waves. I wrote more about the sparkling term coffee wave here if you want to dig a little deeper into the topic. Just to sum it up very briefly, the first wave was characterised by the traditional coffee houses, the second by the chains such as Starbucks and Costa and the current one, the third wave, puts its emphasis on speciality coffee and a sustainable and high-quality coffee value chain.

Generally speaking, coffee has always been more than just a caffeine kick for the majority of people. It is a lifestyle. It is a ritual. Cafés are a central hub of social life: a get-together place, an opportunity to meet up yet an activity, a place for people watching and exchanging opinions, a place to write and tell stories. Simply, a place for everybody, be it experiencing it by just yourself or in company with others. As brilliantly put in the latest edition of BRANDLife: Cafés & Coffeehouses by the Asian design book publisher victionary, coffee places tend to be highly personal expressions of their founders and overall, the presence of the coffee houses and their names do tell a story as well.

Coffee houses are enchanting many people from all parts of the world — an inspiring community that brings people sharing their coffee moments together.

And on that note, I wish you the best time exploring coffee houses and would like to close this love letter by quoting David Letterman, ‘Way too much coffee. But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality’.

Vienna Coffee Festival 2019

Now it´s been a good ten days since the Vienna Coffee Festival warmly welcomed hundreds and hundreds of people (about 12,000 visitors in total during the 3-day long event) in the iconic venue Ottakringer Brauerei in Vienna. This January, it was my third time at the, as people labeled it “world´s coolest coffee event”. I couldn´t ask for a better company than the girls I went with – truly awesome coffeemates and we surely had a blast, and several espressos too.

So, in January 2019, the Austrian capital Vienna dedicated itself even more to its coffee culture. For the fifth time in a row, from the 11th until the 13th of January to be precise, the yearly coffee festival took place and today I´d like to fill you in on what my coffee girls and I were up to at this heaven of a coffee island in Vienna. This event stands for quality, sustainability and coffee trends and I´d like to show you why.

Each and every year, the organizers including many, many attentive volunteers at the Vienna Coffee Festival (VCF) ensure you´re having a blast at this yearly coffee event. Right at the entrance, you get a tote bag which comes in handy later on when you are about to collect a bunch of magazines, information material, some chocolate treats or cookies here and there and so on. Then, a wee bit later, the next thing you´ll probably notice at the festival right after walking up the staircase to the actual festival coffee stands, is the stage in the community/market area. This year, I sadly did not manage to watch any performances, however, I´ve seen some clips online and the Irish singer and songwriter Dave McKendry, for example, truly excited the visitors with his indie melodies. I´ve actually seen him perform a couple of times on the streets of Vienna already, so I am sure he nailed it at the VCF as well.

Amongst the exhibitors this year besides many others, were the following: Alt Wien Kaffee, Baileys, Gota Coffee, Dallmayr Kaffee, Fürth Kaffee, J. Hornig, Nespresso, Oatly, Röstwerkschaft… You would find coffee roasters, manufacturers, coffeeshops, distributors and famous coffee brands from different cities and regions from Austria like Vienna, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Burgenland, Carinthia, and Styria – to name a few. Every stand was super unique. I think, probably the most interesting part besides the endless coffee tasting (oh wow, we had a few cups indeed), is the part that you get to hear a story behind each and every product. It´s a bit of both really, coffee tasting and storytelling. Such an opportunity to ask all your burning coffee-related questions plus getting to know some insights and learning about coffee, its background, roasting, grinding and much more, is nothing short of precious knowledge. Moreover, it´s nice to have an actual face to the coffee brand and get to know the team and the creators behind a good you´re enjoying on such a regular basis. Cheers to that!


One very special experience offered Dallmayr this year. Let me quickly show you some pictures in order to familiarise yourself with the setting and then I am going to explain what this was all about…

Coffee & Food Pairing

The chef who introduced us girls to some different matches – as in coffee, tea, and sweets – really made us curious about this whole coffee and food pairing process.

The lovely chef wearing all-white took us on a whole culinary journey accompanied by many stories. Imagine this: out of one single coffee bean, you get numerous kinds of aroma. As every coffee bean slightly differs, the outcome of variations is pretty endless. Such types of aroma go great with various foods, you just need to know which and how to best combine them. At the VCF for example, Dallmayr prepared four different variations for the visitors. We had two small cups of tea – fruits and herbs and two cups of espresso – a Brasilian yellow bourbon one and an Italian creamy, almost chocolaty one. The treats the chef and his team prepared us, not only looked amazing and special, they actually tasted like that as well. The teas came with the following: a dice out of yogurt and raspberry cream and a crunchy, sticky “Knusperheu” that had a bit of lemon, basil and mint taste in it. The espressos came with a glazed strawberry and the famous Italian almond confectionery Amaretti.
You can tell, we were all high on sugar and caffeine afterwards – cannot complain. 😉

This trend of food pairing actually has its roots in France. You are probably familiar with the famous combination of wine and cheese. That is actually the base of food pairing which inspired other cultures to do so too. Now, it´s pretty common to serve beverages with sweets – depending on where you go and on your choice and preferences of course, but at least it is not a rare thing. Amongst other well-known food pairing examples are the following: the Swedish ritual FIKA, the British tea time or the Italian Dolce Vita.

Overall, there are about 300 key aromas which help to find the perfect match. Whether it´s tea with savory foods or coffee with sweets, it´s about harmony in the end. Just remember this: the more aromas of the same kind, the better to combine.

The Fantastic Coffee Machine

A further stand that enchanted me, was the one from ELBE which distributes Oro Caffè. They had the most amazing coffee machine ever! Can you imagine this model actually weighs around 90kg? I did spend a few moments just staring at it, to be honest… It was almost like a piece of art to look at, very shiny and powerful.
Another product of this coffee distributor headquartered in Carinthia made me curios as well. I did not take a picture, but the team there introduced me to their latest edition of a milk frother. With this product, you´ll be able to even froth cold milk which is great when you´re craving for an iced cappuccino in the summer.

Another thing, I really appreciate about the coffee festival, is the intercultural energy. You meet all kinds of different people sharing the same passion which is great for exchanging opinions and expertise, not to mention getting familiar with new trends and cultural specialties. This year, even a coffee stand from South America was amongst the exhibitors which served delicious coffee rum on ice in a reusable cup. Cups up for that!

Another highlight, I´d like to add to my list here, is one about storytelling. Nespresso Austria took the visitors on a virtual coffee journey through the magic of virtual reality glasses. The visitors could simply escape into a virtual world of coffee – like from production to consumption. While having this virtual glasses on, you instantly felt as you would join the farmers and distributors on the whole coffee value creation chain. You would see how they collect the coffee cherries, what they do with the beans and how this whole process from coffee cherry to the capsule actually happens. In addition to this little virtual coffee journey, Nespresso presented its newest limited editions. To make it less secretly what the latest capsule flavors actually consist of, they prepared a little “tasting exhibition” – on the second picture below you see how it looked like. For example, the purple capsule is a very fruity one and the aroma comes very close to this whole bunch of wild berries and raspberries in the jar next to it.

Besides the coffee tasting and chatting with fellow coffee lovers and coffee entrepreneurs, there are plenty of other things to do too! There are workshops and masterclasses that fill you in different areas of the world of coffee. You can learn so much directly from the experts and this setting allows yourself to improvise and experiment a bit too. I am always a big fan of the live sessions, such as the cupping challenge and the latte art competition. One of the pioneers when it comes to latte art are definitely the MUMAC mates. Every time I see them creating new latte art motives, I ask myself…could I do that too? I am so keen on learning at least the basics someday soon. Luckily I even managed to score a voucher, so one more reason to finally try it out, right? Thank you MUMAC Academy, we will see each other soon!

All in all, if you´re planning to visit Vienna around the winter season, it does make sense to add this coffee event to your exploring list. As January usually surprises us weather-wise, it might be good to know where to have a warm, safe, coffee option to go and have fun. Thank you, until next time!

Festive Coffee Talk – Café Eiles – Interview #3

A good couple of months ago, I had the honor to have a chat with one of the most impactful entrepreneurs of the Viennese coffee scene. Coffee house owner and business man Gert Kunze and I talked about his beloved coffeehouse right in the heart of the Josefstadt, Café Eiles. The partly in Mallorca living Austrian has traveled all over the place, as well as has done projects in Germany and the US. Now, he´s running the Café Eiles in Vienna and has been enjoying it ever since.

I remember showing you a glimpse of this coffeespot like a year ago, however, today it´s time to talk about the person who runs it! You may remember, besides the Café Eiles is one of my favorite go to places when it comes to having a classy melange or breakfast, I personally consider this coffeehouse as the hippest traditional café you can find, at least what Vienna concerns! Yup, cups up for interview round number three!! Enjoy and stay warm, forecast is snow! X


Coffee Talk at Café Eiles – Vienna 

C: Bonjour! Thank you so much for your time! Soo great having you as my next interview guest for my coffeeblog! I am very curious what you´re sharing today..
G: Sure, thank you for having me!

C: I need to say, your café is like my go to place when it comes to breakfast, especially during the wintery times. It does feel like a big classy yet cosy living room in here. I really like the decoration as well, very carefully selected. My top favourite item is probably the old cash mashine which looks like a type writer near the entrance.
G: Happy to hear that! To me, the most important thing is to make the customers feel at home! I take pride in getting to know my customers. It´s so nice to have so many regulars here already as well!

C: I was going to say, seems like every third person walking in here knows you!
G: I have got such a variety of people coming here regularly. Actors, ministors, journalists… It´s a place where culture and politics are made!

C: I can tell, with having both the parliament and the theatre Josefstadt just a stone’s throw away! I see there lot´s of young people as well, especially your staff.
G: Yes. I am so grateful for my team! In a way, they are the café and my customers partly come because of them. They feel welcomed and appreciate good company.

C: I can see that. They seem to really enjoy their job – I see them smiling!
G: To me, variety is an important aspect. I employed many internationals and the thing I am asking for, is to make an effort in speaking a proper language with the customers. I want them to speak German in the café, it´s a Viennese place after all and I want, that Café Eiles represents exactly that: a heartwarming and classy spirit.

C: It is a place which invites people to chat, read, watch and enjoy.
G: I believe, particularly my team adds so much positive value to this place. Customers come in and the first thing they see is the classy coffee counter – then they take their seat. Also, the whole café is a non-smoking zone.

It´s very important to know your customers. You need to listen, to understand and to be patient. – Gert Kunze

C: Though it´s quite full in here – literally every table is taken at 3.30 in the afternoon on a weekday – it doesn´t seem packed or noisy at all. You can hardly get that in a coffee house, it´s quite a rare thing.
G: True. There is a lot of space and the arrangement of the desks is perfect as people have their privacy. Plus, there is room for exchanging opinions with others if they want to! And the windows are so huge, they brighten up the room characterised by mainly dark furniture so well.


C: So, what´s the story behind it? Was it more or less a coincidence to end up running the Eiles or initially your plan?
G: Well, the café exists since 1840. It was a little long-run project really. I started from scratch – you know, I build it up and focused on creating an identity. The Eiles was so different back then and it really took much effort to create a new and welcoming place. Along with it comes passion, know-how and expertise. You need an excellent team. I wanted to create something where people felt comfortable and welcoming. A coffee house to come to whenever you feel like. It´s open. Also, the quality needs to fit.

C: I wonder how it was back then. Clearly, you´ve made a lot of changes and people seem to love it, including me! Are there any other projects coming up?
G: Thank your. In fact, yes. My latest one is the Cobenzl. I am just in the process of refurbishing it and make it my next place where people enjoy coming to. I am aiming it to be just very similar as the Café Eiles. This will take around two years from now.

C: Sounds exciting! And, since Christmas is coming – will people have the chance to visit your café around the holidays? 
G: Of course, a 100%! Café Eiles is open all year round. It´s 365 days a year from 7am to 12 pm. It´s important to me that people have a place to come to, where they feel at home. Especially for families or anyone really, it´s great to spend some relaxing time before the holiday celebrations are about to start! It´s a very peaceful environment.

C: That´s wonderful. So, if you were to describe your café in just three words…
G: Those would be: open, heartwarming and consistent.

C: Generally speaking, what do you think does a true coffee house actually need? Is there a secret formula?
G: Every coffee house needs the right intention and drive. Obviously a good team is important which you can trust. It should be welcoming and heartwarming, like coming home.

C: Are you happy you chose Vienna over Mallorca for running your coffee house?
G: Totally! Vienna is the place to be, it´s the heart of the coffee house culture and people are admiring our country so much, I can see that when talking to my customers. Even though the Austrian tends to moan quite a bit, we often forget what a privilege it actually is, to live in Austria. It has very good life quality.

C: I agree! To end up our talk, I´d like to close our chat with the question I am always asking: what´s your favorite coffee?
G: I personally prefer a good classic melange. It´s just wonderful, like round and fancy.

-Thank you, Gert!



Here´s to 2017.

Coffee folks!  It´s melange time. Ironically this post was meant to go up way earlier, last year actually, hence the title. Well, now we´ve reached 2018 and it´s still melange time. So, never mind. 😉 And I wish you all the best for this year. May it be full of health, love and laughs! And (a bit of) coffee.

Before I am going to introduce you one of my current top coffeeplaces, I want to share a little personal paragraph regarding 2017 with you. No worries, I´m not willing to write up a whole ‘looking back’ kind of post here. I just want to dedicate a word accompanied by some thoughts to my previous year.

If I had to find a word which suits my 2017 best, it would be ‘wave’. I am truly grateful for certain moments, people and changes the year had brought. Some remained, some kept away. It was a truly interesting year. I´ve also learned a lot, especially about people. Hilly wavy moments no matter about which angle you´re currently thinking of.

IMG_1752Now to the coffee gem.

During the holidays, I had some time to visit my beloved Vienna. Of course I took advantage of that and visited as many of my favourite coffeeplaces as my time allowed me to. One of them was Café Eiles.
It´s no secret at all that Vienna is full of coffee gems. The Café Eiles is definitely one of them. The café is located in the eighth district Josefstadt. I kinda love strolling through the Josefstadt district, I really enjoy the vibes there. It´s a nice combination of culture and coffee. Try it out sometime and you know what I mean. 😉

Maybe you´ve already been to or discovered Café Eiles a wee bit earlier than me. I admit, finding myself in this spot in late August for the first time (considering the fact that I have passed this spot many many many times before) is quite late for a coffee lover as me. Well, don´t they say, good things need a while? Whatsoever.

Though, I find myself mostly in third wave coffee places rather than in traditional ones, I need to make an exception this time. I consider Café Eiles as the hippest traditional café in Vienna. It has a special vibe. The atmosphere is great. I really appreciate the lovely staff. Each and everyone is so kind and attentive. Moreover, the breakfast is nuts. I can dearly recommend you the so-called ‘Shanti Shanti’ breakfast which comes with porridge including fresh fruit, lovely bread and cottage cheese and not to forget a heaven of a melange. Actually, I had that dish twice, one time in late August and one time in mid December – as it was festive season, the melange came with a xmas cookie!

I like the fact how they remain on the traditional Viennese café style including the Thonet chairs and at the same time provide a stage for pop culture media, papers, flyers for the latest exhibitions and events and much more. A lovely café family alike atmosphere all day long. Loads of wordy flowers for this coffeeplace which deserves it so much.


The Golden 20s

As we nearly made it through the week, I thought it would be nice to share a potential weekend coffeespot suggestion with you.
Well, this literally little gem probably has been featured in each and every travel guide regarding Vienna. Believe it or not, it even functioned as a movie location for an American romantic drama back in 1995.

The coffeespot I am talking about is called Kleines Café (Little Café). I definitely consider this café as one of the most amazing and ideal stages for a movie. Could be great for..like a mysterious coffee date scene dialogue a la Woody Allen or an arty throwback scene where people are celebrating their golden 20s. So, where do you find this tiny glimpse of golden 20s? In Vienna. In the first district. Just a stone´s throw away from the famous Haus der Musik (House of Music). Fair enough, it is very well hidden though. There is a super cute old fashioned cleaning chores which you spot at one of the pictures below and a vibrant glasses store next door.

It is such lovely enjoying a, let me call it Fairytale Latte, inside (when you are lucky enough to grab a free seat) or on the terrace right in the middle of the quiet Franziskanerplatz of Vienna. I am sure you will have a blast there!! So for now, I have put together a little photo gallery for you below. Enjoy and I wish you a relaxing and well coffee related upcoming weekend! 🙂  – Carmen


Oh hello, five o´clock ..coffee?

Long time no see. Literally. My dear coffee mates, I hope you are all doing good and the autumn season did welcome you in a warm and wealthy way. Also, a very warm welcome to all my new-ish (or rather British island related) readers up here. I am pretty excited to share bloody appealing coffee discoveries with you within the next time – soo, make sure to stay tuned. 🙂

Well well well…as you may know, there were quite a few changes in my personal life the past weeks. Exciting ones by the way! Changes require commitment, mostly. Fun fact, in terms of coffee I do not entirely agree with this line! Let´s face it, I am pretty biased when it comes to coffee and it truly is hard to actually beat a coffee culture city like Vienna…but hey, a vibrant and eclectic city like London definitely deserves to be given a chance…there may be some pretty “I cannot resist” places somewhere here..maybe we are getting there sooner than later. Hihi, I want to be honest with you coffeemates: when it comes to ordering lattes, flat whites or even just cappuccinos..it has been quite an interesting journey so far here in London. I don´t know, but the coffee in my university for example definitely does need a little “teaching”, so does the coffeespot right next to my flat and another and another one…there is room for improvement, that´s all I am willing to say here for now. 😉 Nevertheless I promise to do my best and will continue my passion for coffee heaven places hunts, fyi I was able to add a few to my list already (so do not worry) but I am more than motivated to discover a few (aka a trillion) more for you. Speak soon and all the best – Carmen.



The tiniest café of Vienna

If you happen to stroll around the first district of Vienna sooner than later, then make sure to stop by at the cutest tiniest spot of all: Fenstercafé. Well, the name “window café” probably might be a hint enough from what sort of size we are talking about here. Haha but let me tell you, you will definitely find yourself standing in front of this place with an open mouth and big eyes just because real life discoveries are much more exciting than just the hearing and reading part. Yes folks, the coffeeplace itself literally is just a window. Sorry, an open one of course. Mostly. 😉 And guess what, behind it there is just the barista and his wonderful coffee machine. I do not know how many people actually work at Fenstercafé on a regular basis, could be some, but the one who is there the most is called Sascha. One highly rated and extensive experienced barista fyi. He achieved the third place at the Austrian Barista Championships back last year. Well, Sascha is clearly very passionate about this whole project and always in a good mood while chatting to the customers and preparing coffee.


The menu is quite exciting as well. I went for a regular cappuccino just because I was craving for a classic fantastic viennese coffee. Next time, I am going to be a little bit more adventurous and order the (I suppose there is no other place selling those, at least I have not seen such a type of creative coffee before, that is) I am talking about the cornettoccino. Obviouslyyyy it is a cappuccino served in an ice cream cone. Hilarious, right? Oh yes and besides espresso, flat white, even tea..to name a few..you can also get marshmallowccinos, if you fancy.

Besides the tiniest coffeespot in Vienna, it probably does have the most creative and funniest kinds of coffee creations! Also, Fenstercafé focuses on third wave coffee only which is great as sustainable coffee is yet the most enjoyable one and let´s face it, just the right thing to do in terms of coffee (read: from coffee farming to coffee selling).

Just a great project indeed. Fantastic coffee and definitely a unique experience. Have fun visiting!



The one with the most appealing bar – Café Mendez

Today I have got a little something  pretty special for you. The spot I am about to talk about looks like a coffeeplace which could be in Portugal, South Spain or in Mexico, perhaps. I mean, it is safe to say that the setting does the talking already. Totally colourful in every detail, from the entrance to the toilet door actually. The tiles are probably my favourite part of this place in terms of decor. Also the lights, the bar and even the logo amaze me. It clearly looks like the ideal spot to order a tequila shot on a Friday night, does not it?

Well folks, you may be surprised but this gorgeous coffeeplace is located right in the heart of Vienna in Austria. You see it (the “why” basically) in the pictures below. The place is called “CAFE MENDEZ” and you find it a minute away from the well known square Karlsplatz and very close to the opera house. I highly recommend this spot. The staff is so so charming and very attentive by the way. When I went there with a friend the other day, the baristas were kindly serving us natural cucumber water the second we ran out of the tiny carafe we already got pretty much the minute we spotted our table next to the window. In terms of coffee they really deserve a little star. 😉 We both had a cappuccino which was the perfect combination of an effective amount of caffeine and creamy warm milk. Just delicious.
In all honesty, I have barely seen a café which had such an appealing bar and interior style which fit so perfectly together. Aaaand I have seen quite a few coffeeplaces in the past time. 😉 Surely, most coffeeplaces do convince with their special and charming setting but this one was just different. It felt familiar but exotic at the same time. Almost like a little city escape into a new completely different world. Exciting and cosy. I just love it!

Would you expect such a great holiday alike place in a city like Vienna? How do you see this place? Well then, enjoy the following pictures of CAFE MENDEZ and on that point, happy September to all of you!


Salonplafond Vienna

If you belong to those readers who follow my little coffee page since the very beginning or let´s say quite regularly, then you might know that I am definitely that kind of coffee (addict) person who dearly loves to explore pretty well hidden places. And guess what folks, I recently managed to discover quite a fantastic one in the heart of Vienna. Actually the place where it is hidden is the viennese museum of applied arts and well, there happen to be a cute and very hip restaurant too. A fairly arty setting though including a garden which offers very romantic-ish places to sit. And they have fairy lights too!!! Dreamy and sparkly through and through.


Let´s face it, I am talking about the MAK (aka Museum für angewandte Kunst / museum of applied arts) located at the famous Ringstraße in Vienna. The other day, a friend of mine and I enjoyed a pretty summery morning at the so called Salonplafond. I mean, the name says it already..arty through and through, again. We had the best time and eventually our starving feeling got shut down (in the lack of a non literal phrase). Seriously, go there when you are absolutely hungry (means at level ten plus or so). The portions are super huge. A wee bit pricy though but you definitely won´t leave the place hungry. I suppose you just want to come back sooner or later, be it for drinks, for barbecue or whatsoever.

Okay back to our visit at that point. At Salonplafond the concept in terms of menus is a wee bit different than you would expect. Hence it took us quite a while to order our breakfast. I would say it feels more like ordering suitable brunch dishes as the food is kind of a combination of breakfast and lunch. But in all honesty, I did like the idea of not ordering another avocado toast served with porched eggs or an acai bowl again..you know, the dishes which appear nearly on every coffeeplace menu, is it still a trend or approaching the level mainstream? I do not know.. Well, I am not saying I stopped eating those dishes but hey, it feels good to finally get some change when it comes to breakfast sessions. Besides, the staff at Salonplafond is super friendly. We got a table situated right next to a tree which pleasantly provided us enough shadow. The furniture is pretty funny. In the garden area no chair looks like the other and there are some fairly comfortable deck chairs scattered around the place too. Also colourful and perfect to get a good overview about the building, for instance. I like the architecture, it just stands slightly out and makes you curious.


This place is great for dinner/birthday parties, occasions like a hen night or for a very first date. Also the interior is amazing. The terrace is super comfy and romantic as well as great to escape for a few hours of the busy town.
Last but not least, do me a favour and leave your table for a minute when you have change. Seriously, you need to see the bathrooms. Imagine a pink marshmallow and that´s that. Well, I can only speak for the ladies room but I do assume that the male version is not a disappointment either. 😉 Thank me later.

Aaaand there you go with some impressions of how the inside of Salonplafond is looking. Enjoy.